Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?

Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?
The Raven, a messenger, brings the darkness of Truth into our lives. We must go into this darkness to find "God's" light, which will be the gateway to rebirth. Do not fear the darkness! Focus on the light!

Death Row Tenant describes a mammoth Real Estate criminal underworld: the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Underworld.


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I. The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members

I.  The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members
The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV.  The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Not shrunk to fit: for those who want a close up view.




I wish to brain storm and speculate here as I have no facts or experiences that confirm in my mind specifically what is happening.  But keep in mind that I am a patriot of Democracy.

Our Government does not own or control most of the jobs in America and therefore our government can not pressure these mass numbers of people or warn the people not to be lured for their own good.  No one has proof of what I named the "Webmob" because of their illusions.  If the mass number of people are selecting to move into greed and away from humanity and balance, our government can not stop the the demise of democracy.

Our Government does not own most of the real estate property in America.  Our government knows there are huge super powers in real estate ownership and management in this country.  I would be shocked to find out that no high official in our government believed an underworld existed.  But this underworld knows how to create illusions in order to manipulate and ultimately control laws, corporations and people and even democracy itself.  Until the people come out of the illusion they are living, our government has to act on the behalf of what is best for this country, meaning they have to consider the state of mind and the limitations of the majority of people. If you choose to live the illusion, the price you help to pay is the demise of mankind as we know it.

It makes sense to me that a percent of our Government and City Agencies and City Departments are infected by what I named the "Webmob".  My experiences do not give me a perspective on what this percent is.  However, it does make sense to me that a percent of our Government and City Agencies and City Departments have accepted such "Webmob" services as, "Big Brother" information to help lawsuits, and or the "Webmob Godfather(s) Insurance Policy against Lawsuits", and or "Control with Terror" for times when there is a nuisance or threat in the city and an official prefers the "Webmob" service (and ultimately the new Webmob government) over going through the legal process in Democracy.  It also makes sense to me that some of these Government workers, City Agency workers and City Department workers might accept real estate privileges, gifts, jobs, cheap non union workers, or vacations or many of the other "Webmob Godfather(s)" incentives as well as other services.  Furthermore it makes sense to me that a certain percent of the percent lured within our Governnment and City Agencies and City Deparments accept the "Webmob" services out of pressure to keep their jobs and pressure to keep the "Webmob Godfather(s) services used in their workplace.  These reluctant workers can be very moral and patriotic people and if they are required to recipricate for the service(s) accepted by their workplace from the "Webmob", to help in, say a murder of an innocent person who is say a low rent tenant or a nuisance to the Webmob Godfather(s), their guilt in helping the Webmob process of murder would cause them huge mental and emotional damage.  But the need to work to provide for family and survive will probably prevail.  There are, of course, in every walk of life, certain individuals who are capable of enjoying harming people, especially if they know it is impossible for them to ever get caught.  It makes sense to me that these government or city officials or city departments lured and infected by accepting services provided by the "Webmob Godfather(s)" may feel they are like under some kind of ransom to a "Webmob" request to reciprocate in order to keep receiving the "Webmob Godfather(s)" services which their workplace has come to depend upon over the decades and their workplace has come to prefer over our democratic system.  The bad news is you cannot have Democracy and accept the services of the "Webmob" because the "Webmob Godfather(s)" intent is to replace Democracy with Totalitarianism.  Please know your allegiance.

There is also no question in my mind that there is a percent of workers within our Government and Homeland Security and City Agencies and City Departments who are at the surface and at the core, fighting for our Democracy.  I do not have the experiences to judge or sense what this percent is, but I do not question the experiences that have lead me to have the highest regard for some individuals within our Government.  These people are humanitarians and patriots and these people will NEVER give up on fighting on behalf of Democracy and humanity.  Trust that these patriots in our government are working very hard and doing everything possible for WE THE PEOPLE and for the balance of nature and humanity.  Just because we may see many "rotten eggs", it does not establish that all "eggs are rotten".  Please don't condemn the whole batch because democracy and humanity needs these patriots and these patriots need our support!

I can not believe that any of the above workers within our Government or City Agencies or City Departments who accept services from the "Webmob" see the whole intent of the "Webmob Godfather(s)".  I can not believe that these people see they are being manipulated in order to help cause the demise of democracy and of mankind (and their own children) as we know it.  I can not believe that these people see that the selection process of who is to live and who is to die and how one lives or dies has begun and that man is loosing balance and has forgotten from whence we came ("God").  We have to pay for everything we do wrong on this earth, whether it be in this lifetime or in the next.  It is better to pay now and to try to help save the Earth and humanity for the future of your children and for the future of their children. There IS no future with the "Webmob" Totalitarian government.  So, please, act now before it is too late.

If everyone ceased being lured by the "Webmob" and if everyone refused the services offered by the "Webmob", there would be little power left in the "Webmob" other than their black magick (which can be controlled by the magicians and witches and shaman of the "light" if we allow it).  The huge "Webmob Godfather(s) Real Estate Masquerade Mafia Underworld" would then have to settle back into making legal money and treating people like human beings instead of sheep to be herded by illusions and secretly slaughtered at will. 

If our government is under ransom or infected by the "Webmob", there are certain weaknesses that I believe the "Webmob" has that might be of assistance to those who wish to fight against this underworld. 

As a note: just because the "Webmob Godfather(s)" fear a person, does not mean that person would not be targeted physically, mentally, financially or emotionally by this underworld; on the contrary. 

These "Webmob Godfather(s)" weaknesses include:

*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" fear any exposure, especially of the "Webmob" techniques.  If society accepted that the Webmob techniques existed, far less people would fall for the "Webmob" illusions.  Far fewer targets of the "Webmob" would be driven crazy by the "Webmob" illusions because these targeted people would be believed by society and not ostracized by society.  Part of the Webmob Godfather(s)" illusion is the intentional use of society's limitations to help to deem their targeted victims insane.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" use of black magick make them very paranoid and superstitious people.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" do not want trouble or publicity, which is a part of exposure.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" fear moral people and rich moral people the most.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s) fear patriotic people and rich patriotic people the most.  Rich people have the power to get good lawyers and fight against the crimes of the "Webmob Godfather(s)"
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s) fear the patriots within our government.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s) do not like people who are capable of returning harm or accidentally killing as a reaction when being physically violated.  The "Webmob Godfather(s)" do not want to be in the news.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)"  do not like paper trails.  Document everything to your landlord or appropriate management corporation or whomever is set up against the targeted victim of the "Webmob".
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" do not like people who question doctors.  There are many doctors in the Webmob membership.  Learn to always get a copy of your medical records and speak up and question anything that feels odd.  Study your own choices before seeing the doctor.  And follow up with a paper trail if something feels odd as well as keep the record.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" fear highly intelligent people who can not be swayed by lies.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" fear people who are not afraid of dying because the "Webmob" illusion of "Control with Fear" is then deleted.  Of course it helps if the target understands the "Webmob" techniques exist.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s) do not like targeted victims who emasculate them and who deem them powerless before their allies again and again.  If a targeted victim deletes the use of or impact of set up after set up and thereby deems the "Webmob Godfather(s)" creation of the set up harmless or useless, this sends a message to the allies used in the set up that the "Webmob" is but an illusion and is just big talk and that the "Webmob Godfather(s)" do not know what they are doing.  Note: A good fight or flight instinct or psychic ability as well as the paper trail technique helps this scenario.
*    The "Webmob Godfather(s)" fear magick of the "light" from witches, magicians, shaman and magical practitioners of the "light" because magicians of the "light" are the only competition against the black magick of the "Webmob Godfather(s)".  Therefore the "Webmob Godfather(s)" will create illusions to use society wherever possible against these people.  These people who serve magick of the "light" will have everything they do scrutinized and watched in order for the "Webmob Godfather(s)" to create set ups which reduce their power.  Also, the "Webmob Godfather(s)" have a need to create illusions and harm against these people of the "light" in order to blame these magicians of the "light" for the acts against humanity which are secretly performed by the black magick of the "Webmob Godfather(s).

Even if a percent of society stopped accepting services and stopped being lured by the "Webmob", the power of the "Webmob Godfather(s)" black magick would still remain.  The only solution to control this evil power is to support the power of the wizards and shaman, witches and magical practitioners who serve the "light" on behalf of humanity and the balance of nature.  These people are the only ones who can connect with the power of the "light" to fight this black magick.   Do not let the illusions created by the "Webmob Godfather(s)", which intend to use society against the "Webmob Godfather(s)" opponents, lure you to the dark side.  Know who is serving the "light" and encourage their power.  The wizards, shaman, witches and magickal practitioners are the only people who can win the war against the black magick of the "Webmob Godfather(s)".

The following is a scenario of what might have caused the development into what, I believe, is happening today:

Maybe, hundreds of years ago, one mammoth real estate corporation, wealthy beyond comprehension, owning and managing a huge amount of property and buildings in America (and possibly beyond) was owned by a narcissistic, tortured soul (or owned by many narcissistic tortured souls of a family or families), who needed complete control and power, and who knew the secrets of high black magick, and who secretly hated Democracy, wanted to secretly take over democracy and replace it with a Totalitarian government.  But this powerful owner(s), was a coward, as all bullies are, and needed complete secrecy.  Thus I find it logical that this real estate corporation created a web of deceit, illusions, to cover up their ultimate plan to control society and take over Democracy (and possibly mankind).  Thus the "Webmob Godfather(s)" created under-bosses and lower bosses and soldiers in every walk of life from within hospitals to health insurance companies to banks and corporations and internet providers and on and on and on.  The Webmob Godfather(s)" even learned to create or force lawsuits in order to create an illusion which is really about something other than what it seems (which is always the case with the "Webmob Godfather(s)" illusions).  The lower bosses and members and the people lured by these "Webmob" members are never told who the order came from or the full meaning of the request. For purposes of communication, I named this real estate corporation the "Webmob" for short and "The Real Estate Godfather(s) Webmob Masquerade Mafia"  I later expanded my thinking and called this the underworld and have referred to the "Webmob Godfather(s)" as "Man as Devil."

Huge illegal money could be made by controlling the drug underworld and using the "Webmob" storefronts to sell the drugs and other buildings to hide the drugs.  This illegal money could be used for gifts and bribes and to pay illegal non-union workers to avoid taxes and on and on.  I apologize that I am not a professional at creating these possibilities!  I would always appreciate criticism and suggestions!

By studying human limitation and the weaknesses of democracy and by creating services that manipulating human weaknesses, the "Webmob Godfather(s)" could begin to infiltrate the security systems and the entire structure of society. In order to lure some other huge land owners and some politicians and some city departments and some agencies and some court officials and some judges and all the way down the line, these "Webmob Godfather(s)" created services that were difficult to refuse and that could slowly allow the "Webmob" to infiltrate our Government structure. 

Tapping land line phones in the countless buildings owned and managed by the "Webmob Godfather(s) in which to gather more information against targeted victims is probably common and this information could be added to the "Webmob Godfather(s)" mass computer information.  Installing cameras in buildings to know when someone is in or out may also be common so that insider "Webmob" members would know when a theft could take place.  Knowing who calls you and who you call (not what is said) from your cell phone is probably common because this information can be attained from some worker with access to the cell phone computer information or the computer information can be stolen from some program that can get access to the companies computer.  Hopefully there will be more secure measures installed in the future which prevent this.  Controlling many jobs, such as security jobs, can make the "Webmob Godfather(s) privy to such information as when a targeted victim arrives or what direction the targeted victim goes when he leaves.  Please note that it is likely that the security guard does not know the accurate reason as to why he is asked to gather the information about the target.  Of course I can only make up what might be said.  The security guard is maybe told the targeted person is a nuisance to the city and the security guard is helping out the boss by acting as a spy.  Or, possibly, depending upon the morality of the security guard and the position the Security Guard has in the "Webmob", the security guard might help to infiltrate systems and support theft of any kind.  This security guard might be lead to think he is helping a mugging take place.  I am not ready to believe that it would even enter into the mind of the security guard  that they could possibly be helping to set up a series of "accidents on purpose" with intent to get the targeted victim to the hospital, where an infection injection kills the victim.  In this case the victim is not the only one experiencing an illusion, the security guard is also experiencing an illusion (but to what extent, I do not know).

Luring some internet service providers to act as big brother could provide information that could be sold to both sides of interested lawyers or to interested officials of other countries or to the corporation or business rival of the person targeted.  It makes sense of my experiences that even greedy workers of Microsoft or greedy workers of Windows (who do not even need the internet ever to be installed to access your computer information) could be lured.  As a result of the many powerful allies and many decades of development, this mammoth real estate corporation run by the "Webmob Godfather(s)" probably created a mass computer with information about all of us.  This information includes our health and medical information, any passwords or identity information that can be sold or used by other people, countries, etc..  It would include what we buy, what our interests are and what can be stolen and when.  This mass computer would also include family information where we go and what our fears and limitations and patterns are.  This information about us can also be cleverly gathered verbally or stolen by lower members of the "Webmob", as well as by the big brother internet provider technique. 

Remember I believe this real estate corporation owner(s) has no allegiance to Democracy or to any individual.  They may well wear red, white and blue and claim to love America because they really do love THEIR America, but this is because they wish to take over the power of America which of course includes the take over of Democracy.  Their mentality is to gain a power over anyone and everyone and use and lure anyone and everyone for their self gain, control and power.  Don't fool yourself into thinking you are a friend because you accepted a service!

The information about us in the "Webmob Godfather(s) mass computers could help to control society and use and infiltrate and ultimately control the democratic system as well as to make money from other countries from the sale of stolen goods to the sale of your business secrets or limitations to the sale of the top secret information within our goverment.  Little would the people lured know that without their small to huge service to this "Webmob", someone may not be dead or someone may not be suffering financially, physically, mentally or emotionally.  The people lured probably sense they are violating someone but they do not know the extent and they do not know the ultimate intent is to use the millions of people lured (I used to think it was maybe thousands of people lured but I have developed my thinking) in order to control society which is, ultimately, an attempt to take over democracy. 

Please do not be lured.  Please don't sell humanity short! Speak out and help keep Democracy!

Exposing the power of the "Webmob" black magick and the harm and deaths it can create, such as with the psychic electric attack to the heart area and the psychic stabbing attack, the "Webmob Godfather(s)" are able to create fear and panic to those "Webmob" members who the "Webmob Godfather(s) wish to threaten or control.  When the "Webmob Godfather(s)" find it appropriate to use fear and contol, the selected "Webmob" members or the targeted victims of the "Webmob Godfather(s)" are might well be slowly made aware of the huge amount of powerful and respected allies which this real estate corporation may use against you.  The "Webmob Godfather(s)" may well also create fear in selected "Webmob" members or the targeted victims of the "Webmob Godfather(s)" by having rumors spread about strange deaths or targeted people or by receiving threatening or frightening phone calls.

Of course no one would be told the whole scheme of things, secrecy and keeping people from seeing the whole intent is a part of the "Webmob" illusion.  I believe that every walk of life is now infected, except in places where there is no money to be made or a reason to manipulate people.  It is possible that our Government could feel at least somewhat under ransom by this mammoth real estate corporation underworld I named the "Webmob".  It is possible that some degree of our government has been lured into accepting some of the "Webmob" services.   It is possible that a percent of our government has been black mailed with such things as sex traps or threats to expose their human limitations that are not acceptable in society. 

I believe we are living a "Webmob" illusion.  Wake up America!  Once this illusion is exposed, the power of the "Webmob Godfather(s)" is greatly diminished!

My head is spinning in this web and I need a break!

AI. Introduction to the Webmob

AI.  Introduction to the Webmob
06/2008 The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA. The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA.  The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Prepare for Court Before they Commit their Crimes

The Gateway to Rebirth

The Gateway to Rebirth
Love, Light, Unite!

The Messenger

The Messenger
Love, Light, Unite!

V. A Promise to America

V.  A Promise to America
WE not me!

Va. A Promise to America

Va.  A Promise to America
WE not me!

Vb. A Promise to America

Vb.  A Promise to America
WE not me!