Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?

Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?
The Raven, a messenger, brings the darkness of Truth into our lives. We must go into this darkness to find "God's" light, which will be the gateway to rebirth. Do not fear the darkness! Focus on the light!

Apartments, Strange Happenings

Death Row Tenant describes a mammoth Real Estate criminal underworld: the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Underworld.


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I. The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members

I.  The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members
The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV.  The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Not shrunk to fit: for those who want a close up view.




I wish to preface this by saying that I believe that exposure to Truth will ultimately assist in relieving suffering.  Of course this means one must learn to perceive something bigger than the mortal and that Fear will only give power to "Man as Devil" and Fear will also make one make them-self sick.  But ultimately, I bring the darkness into the light, without which there can be no rebirth.  Without Truth "Man" is lost in illusions created just for them to control them; or without Truth, one is lost in denial or greed and that will also make one sick and possibly delusional.

Note that I have named "Man as Devil" many different names over the years (such as "Webmob" as I do not know the actual name of the person/people who are masterminding these heinous crimes thus I created names and modified my choices as I developed my thinking.

Subject: "Man as Devil" and what I am developing as my belief that "Man as Devil" and the bosses are targeting Soul/Spirit/"God", including any nature affiliations with Soul/Spirit/"God" because they see Soul/Spirit/"God" as their principle rival to eliminate.  That means anyone connected to Soul/Spirit/"God" will be considered a threat and will therefore be targeted as a victim of set ups.   I believe "Man as Devil" and it's followers has become quite large, even like a parallel society, but much smaller than the society we "see".  But due to the connections and underworld power of "Man as Devil", our government as a Democracy is endangered.  If our government as a Democracy is more and more controlled by big money then "Man as Devil" is capable of more and more manipulation and luring of society as we know it.  Therefore America is in danger of loosing the freedoms we have come to know.  I believe "Man as Devil" has the ultimate intent of a New World Order, with intent to suppress and void Spirit/Soul/"God".  Please do not move into temptation and do not accept the lure of big money with its false power.  The illusion of greater comfort comes with the price of selling one's soul to "Man as Devil" (in my interpretation).

The Spirit/Soul/"God" is simply in the way of omnipotent control intent of "Man as Devil" and the bosses, as I believe they interpret it.  I feel this is an important point so I will say it again: it appears to me as though "God"/Spirit/Soul is the rival which "Man as Devil" intends to suppress, manipulate and control in order to ultimately control mankind and take over the world with a new World Order.  

I believe that the black magic, such as psychic attacks and "evil-eye" energy, used by "Man as Devil" and the bosses and even some lower members, feeds off of universal energy with intent to control and abuse mankind and to ultimately create a New World Order.  Anyone who practices spiritual connection with huge love of and direct connection to the Spirit/soul/"God" for the greater good of all, will be considered a threat to "Man as Devil".  Thus "Man as Devil" will attempt to focus on a play of Words in order to make society reject and hate these people and to make society feel fear if they so not reject these people, even though these people are acting on the behalf of the balance and Love of the Divine and Nature.  One should beware of the play on words and question the intent of anyone who condemns a group of people who are not harming others.  There is a bigger hidden picture here-- "Man as Devil" wishes to harm society and use society against "Man as Devil's" targeted victims and targeted groups in order to ultimately remove freedom as we know it and to take over the Soul/Spirit/"God".  To assist "Man as Devil" is to damage freedom as we know it-- don't help them harm our children's freedom and don't go into irrational fear, please!!!

I also believe that minority groups will be targeted to be controlled; and further attempts will be made to create illusions and hate to assist the rejections by society of minority groups.  For instance, gay rights and women's rights and rights of people who support Nature/Spirit/Divine Love in their religions: People will be lead to judge (and judgement should be left to "God") the religious Words or moral issues based on the study of Words and not see the bigger picture of if we loose ANY minority right freedom, we loose another piece of our own freedom.  The people may not know that "God" is bigger than Words.  And people may not know that the underlying intent is to control and suppress "Spirit/Soul/God" including Nature "Spirit/Soul/% God".  Exposure of Truth is a good thing.

In America if one hugs a tree one can likely be looked at like one is crazy.  Suppression of spirit connection via creation of illusions by "Man as Devil" over decades that cause the thinking that something is wrong with a connection to spirit or Nature Spirit, is common in America.  Fear of connection to Spirit, without understanding something is wrong with the Fear and not the desire to free the connection to Spirit, is common in America.

The very reason I believe that the lured worker and "Parallel society" is afraid of me is because I have what is similar to the third eye and because I have Spiritual connection to the Divine.  Confronting Truth by having society know what the lured worker might be doing, I think, would weaken the "Parallel Society".  Exposure of Truth would weaken this "Parallel society" greatly.  One of the reasons is that if Truth was exposed, then society could not be set up to be used so much against the targeted victim because society would understand other possibilities and could be trained to assist the victim other than moving into Fear and assisting the perpetrator. 

I am developing my belief that "Man as Devil" will attempt to perfect cloning.  I believe that there are many good qualities about cloning but being in the hands of "Man as Devil" is not one of them.  The clones created can be told-- Man created you-- Man controls you-- and this mind control, along with such things as inserted chips into the brain, could ultimately assist in eliminating what I believe is their rival, the Spirit/Soul/"God"-- at least for a time.  I have come to agree with those who believe that the soul is an extension of the collective life force that allows us to be who we are, thus, if this is true, a clone would be a living biological being with the same collective energy of the soul required to maintain a large bio organism, which may be somewhat akin to reincarnation.  However with brain manipulation and brainwashing and possibly brain chips, control could be somewhat maintained for some time. Plus if powerful people out of balance with brain and spirit and with huge money and connections, who work against our Democracy, were cloned several times each, without the knowledge of others, these clones could work around the clock, taking turns sleeping or each focusing on developing different techniques against our Democracy. Note again that I am not saying that-- cloning is bad in the right hands of balanced intent!

Furthermore, I have come to believe that it is reasonable to conclude that "Man as Devil" and the Bosses intend to clone themselves after testing out cloning.  This is because "Man as Devil"  wants to attempt to rid their connection to "Spirit/Soul/"God", their rival; in essence this is an attempt to rid that which slows the development of the New World Order-- which I believe would be a heinous Dictatorship.  At this time "Man as Devil" and the Bosses do have souls and do feel Fear (even of me); and sometimes they feel guilt when confronted with unconditional Love (especially that from a mother figure, as they all hate their mothers).  Though, I think usually they would see unconditional Love as something to manipulate with intent to gain a power over it.  Note that when deemed powerless or ostracized (okay, I am pretty good at that), this sends "Man as Devil" into a fury and they use this coiled anger as energy to strike back-- BUT keeping them busy can make them make themselves sick and this can slow them from harming others (okay, I will take a little credit here).  Overload, overwhelm is one of the techniques used by "Man as Devil" to control targeted people/groups.

It is my belief that we have been suppressed against having many spiritual connections with nature for a reason.  "Man as Devil" is preparing a New World Order which is void of TRUE spiritual connection-- their rival.  What I mean by TRUE spiritual connection implies to me that there is an illusion created by "Man as Devil" in order to control and ultimately take over Soul/Spirit/"God".

This illusion created by "Man as Devil" in order to ultimately take over/control/suppress the Soul/Spirit/"God"-- in my thinking--, could include the following:  
Time and the brain is limited and can be manipulated or overloaded, leaving no other room for development of spiritual connection.  As I previously mentioned, this Overload/Overwhelm is a common technique that I believe "Man as Devil" uses.  See if I can explain my thinking here... If many people and some churches focus only on the Word, and the persistent re-reading of the Word and that each different belief of each group defends or even sometimes fights over their Word of their book as the correct "God", many people might interpret the Word as the totality of "God" itself.  One could spend their time and brains' limitations solely discussing and debating their "God", void of time for understanding or time to develop a connection to the Divine, beyond Words.  Thus some people might be loosing the whole point of the Divine Connection and the Compassion and Humanity that comes with the Balance.  "God"/Spirit/Soul is far far beyond words.  The Universal language is not English.  And I am also not saying that Words are not good or that the flow of thoughts do not come in a connection to the Divine, if one has that connection!  And I am not saying great connection to the Divine is not possible for those who are drawn to focus on the Word!  But people can loose the point of the Divine connection if they are lost exclusively in the Word.  My point being that if people lack the connection to Nature and Balance of brain and spirit, these people are easier to manipulate and lure!  These people who lack connection to Nature and Balance of brain and spirit will all likely call themselves connected to spirit/soul/"God" yet many have never had a TRUE connection.  Thus the illusion I believe being created by "Man as Devil" to control Spirit/Soul/"God" is quite successful.  The illusion of the "Man as Devil" is to make it appear that people have the TRUE connection with the Divine of their choice and a freedom to connect to spirit; and many people certainly believe they have the connection when they do not have the TRUE connection with the Divine and do not have the time or further brain capacity to understand what is happening!

This is like a warning to all people who are TRULY spirituality connected-- these spiritually connected people are a threat to "Man as Devil"/Parallel Society because it appears to me that "Man as Devil" intends to suppress and manipulate and control "God"/Spirit/Soul.

It makes sense to me that this thinking is the result of decades of luring and manipulation and loss of connection to "Soul" and loss of connection to compassion and Motherly acceptance.  To think the Brain should BE "God" and should control Spirit/Soul/"God" by manipulating Mankind is absurdly heinous to self and Mankind and is the thinking of Man Out of Control, not in control-- obviously.  To think "God"/Spirit/Soul is a rival is Out of Balance and Out of Control with Truth and reality.  It appears to me as though this omnipotent insecurity continues to demand a movement toward Dictatorship control primarily to justify their own deep insecurity!  They can't even deal with Truth and balance and need to create illusions and instill subconscious Fear in others in order to feel powerful, which makes them, again, Out of Control, not in control.

It also appears logical to me that the very thinking of these Lost Souls believing they are in control via manipulation and creation of illusions and instilling Fear is simply an insecure and unbalanced sickness gone out of control.  Their movement to manipulate and control and ultimately to take over "God"/Spirit/Soul is actually a movement to destroy themselves and their children and their children's children as well as to destroy society as we know it.  The Soul/Spirit/"God" can not be triumphed over!  One accepts the balance and compassion of the %"God" within us or one rejects that world and rejects the "Light" that will lead to the gateway to rebirth.  Thinking one can control "God"/Spirit/Soul is completely self destructive.  It as a choice-- choose "Man as Devil" and self-destruction or "God"/Spirit/Soul and the gateway to rebirth.

Many of the lower level lured Lost Souls may not even be aware of their choices or aware of the existence of "Man as Devil" manipulating them.  This is another reason why exposure of Truth might help some of the lured Lost Souls.  These Lost Souls may also be offered various illegal drugs in order to both control them and to make more money from them.

It is my hope that this information is known in order to help slow a huge potential problem before the power is too big to control.

Regarding my personal beliefs in "God", I believe that there is only one "God".  I believe that all beliefs with intent for balance and for the greater good of all, are a part of one "God".  I also do not care what one names "God", or no name because "God" is far beyond words.  I believe that is it in the intent and the motivation and the subsequent related action that will be ultimately judged; I do not believe one will be judged on any specific choice of name (or no name or many names) or that one will be judged on your specific belief in Words you have come to Love.  

My language and choice of vocabulary is not great so I apologize for any sloppy or unclear sentences!  Thank you for visiting!  I welcome thoughts here!


SOME BANKS are infected by the Webmob

A bank was once a totally trustworthy institution in my mind.  Then I experienced some money taken out from the ATM when I never used it (more than once) so I canceled my ATM card.  Then I had unfair overdrafts charged and never got a refund and got the run around for months after sending many letters, some I think 25 pages of proof, etc. (it was over two thousand dollars), and I finally had to quit trying because I had to go on with my busy life.

The economy gets worse, people have less money, and yet we see more banks in the city.  I can hardly walk two or three blocks without seeing a bank.  I wondered if more banks was the Webmob Godfathers way of making more money using inside bank corruption and all the while controlling and providing business taxes that the city and the country desperately need.   Then also, the act of controlling the property and jobs stops the development of businesses controlled by middle or lower class and those taxes are lost and therefore the city would be dependent upon the Webmob Godfathers for survival!  It is all an illusion compilation scheme.  Each level is made dependent upon "Man as Devil" for survival and each level is being manipulated in order that they feel they are in control and respected--and never being controlled by the Webmob Godfathers (Man as Devil) but the truth is if one accepts an agreement or a pact with Man as Devil, they are really being fooled with hidden agendas and illusion compilation schemes.  Man as Devil has no allegiance-- or country; if the Webmob Godfathers can gain any kind of power over you, they win!  Stop being lured!

A reoccurring conclusion also occurred to me-- the Real Estate Webmob Godfathers control the storefronts, they control the jobs and the property-- and the bank employees??-- oh, no!  If the property is owned or managed or controlled by the underworld Webmob, and even if some if not many of the bank presidents or vice presidents get their jobs or get moved up by accepting lures and hidden agreements and are willing to pass on information requested in order to keep their jobs, that means trouble.  More and more middle class workers are vulnerable to feeling controlled and helpless.  I think more and more of these basically moral people will be offered drugs to deal with their stress and feeling of helplessness and being controlled, as well as the dealing with violating other human beings security and rights.  I believe that the control of much of the illegal drugs in their territories is one of the major incomes of the Real Estate Webmob. Also when anyone is dependent upon any drug-- prescription or illegal, I think people are more easily able to be manipulated or controlled.  The reason I conclude that is when I was having panic attacks after fight or flight instinct experiences that had no logical explanations, and was taking Zanax only when I had a panic attacks, I had my Zanax stolen where I live by a building worker and I experienced a feeling of having my life line taken away because I needed it that bad.  Luckily, I don't take it any more and thus I have one less vulnerability.  It is very important for everyone to find balance with  God and turn to love and humanity!

I had an experience that made me conclude that one particular branch had, what I came to believe after experiences, Webmob members as employees.  I can't explain it and make sense but it takes more than a bad or immoral person for me to feel someone is "Webmob" but it does make sense to me that the bad or immoral person could easily be lured to become a Webmob member.

At any rate I will offer my conclusion:  if the Webmob Godfathers own much of the property and offer services to the other huge property owners who own the majority of the rest of the property, and more and more banks are opened in the property the Webmob Godfathers own or indirectly control, then the Webmob Godfathers essentially have the power not only to control the storefront and bank property of their property but also of the storefront property owned by most other property owners.  This would give them power over the jobs, too.  The Webmob Godfathers may also be controlling much of the taxes which the cities may need.  I wish to note that as jobs are more and more scarce and more and more jobs are controled by the Webmob Godfathers, middle and lower class are more easily controlled and lured.  I believe it is the goal of the Webmob Godfathers to make middle and lower class their slaves, though that specific word would not likely be used to describe us in order that we remain in an illusion.

If the Webmob Godfathers control the jobs in hospitals, and insurance companies and workers in banks and courts and on and on, plus, at the same time the Webmob Godfathers are closing out the ability for middle and lower class from creating successful businesses, then the purpose is that the Webmob Godfathers are simply attempting to take away any and all control by middle and lower class, all in order to more easily lure us and control us and make us dependent upon them!

Note that the more businesses and jobs We the People can create and control, the less power the Webmob Real Estate Godfathers will have.  This is easier said than done because the Webmob Godfathers have the money and much of the control and power already!


I am just going to brainstorm here so please excuse the random or irregular thoughts.

I have created conclusions that make sense of over sixteen years of various experiences.  Due to my many experiences which include my fight or flight instinct and or spiritual experiences combined with physical experience, it is confirmed in my mind that I am targeted to be killed by orders of the Webmob Godfather(s) using their elimination techniques which can not be proven and leave no trail.

I will try to create the reasons as to why I am targeted to be killed, that make sense of my experiences, to me.  I understand that it is easier to deem me crazy than to believe that society has been manipulated and lured to live in the "illusion compilation scheme" created by the Webmob Godfathers and to be under the power of what I believe to be Man as Devil aka Webmob Godfathers. I must be cautious as the Webmob Godfather(s) are masters at law and have many Webmob lawyers and judges and allies to help serve them and assist in set ups against targeted victims.  Thus I limit these conclusions.

I vaguely remember mentioning some information (regarding why I think I am targeted to be killed by the Webmob Godfather(s) members) in past posts but I am singling out my conclusions to enable the Table of Contents to have a title specifically to find this information.  I apologize if I repeat myself.  I do not specifically know what I wrote in the past and I must remind the reader that I am constantly evolving and developing my conclusions to make sense of my experiences, thus my explanations may be modified or developed.  And on second thought, maybe I subconsciously need to write more about myself as like a reaching out to humanity in hopes to help society accept Truth, as I believe it, in order for society to heal.  Please do not fear truth.  Question what others believe but do not condemn them and do not live in denial or in the illusion created by the Webmob Godfathers.  There can be no freedom without Truth.  And if I am not be accepted as possibly having a sane and legitimate point of view, there is nothing I write that can be accepted.  Therefore, if I am not accepted, I can not help society and, also, my time and writings are useless to society.  Though, I must add that my time in writing these posts is never useless to me for it helps me to maintain mental balance to figure out my beliefs and attempt to write and release my beliefs in an understandable manner with clear language, as well as these writings serve as hope that certain officials and some people are secretly reading these posts and these posts are already helping society.  I need no credit, I only wish to help.

As a note, my goal is not to make money, as a matter of fact, this rarely ever enters my mind, except when I think about what other people might conclude.  I only reserved the right to make money so someone else could not make money on my time and efforts to expose Truth as I believe it and experience it.  I have not made money for my family for over twenty years and thus I also must reserve this right to make money on their behalf, if I could, even though making money was never and will never be my priority and never will be a part of what drives me.  This work is a part of my calling to serve and to expose Truth.  Truth is freedom and one should not run from Truth nor deny Truth and hide like an ostrich with its head in the sand; but instead confront it, ask questions, and find peace with it and know that God's is far stronger than Man as Devil, if only you choose God.

I must confess that I am also a clumsy writer, I move away from the subject quite easily, I think, but basically I hope I am understandable.  I am clumsy with language and I can be a clumsy speaker in that I have a limited vocabulary and limited writing skills compared to great writers.  The cause of my writing limitation is lack of reading novels and books throughout my life.  This is also why I may write many sentences that are not exactly clear; maybe this is sometimes called a misplaced modifier, I am not sure.  I am always searching for words as I write and I, due to my limited vocabulary, may select a word that comes to my mind that really does not accurately describe what I mean.  I know I should go back and go through all the posts to make them say exactly what I mean but my priority is to get the information out as fast as I can.  I am trying hard to start a business now, with many complications and little money.  I apologize for the parts of my sentences that mislead or are clumsy (I somehow believe people are reading these posts)!  If anyone ever challenges or criticizes something that I wrote, first I would greatly appreciate and welcome any criticism that welcomes communication and explanation, plus I could then focus on whether this criticism or challenge was due to a clumsy writing problem or lack of time to develop my thought!

Getting back to why I believe I am a targeted victim for intent to kill by the Webmob Godfather(s), I must try to explain again, though I think I have touched on this in an earlier post.  But it may be important to note that I do not know, specifically, who the Webmob Godfather(s) are or how many Webmob Godfather(s) or Webmob bosses there are.  Furthermore if one huge Real Estate Corporation or more than one huge Real Estate Corporation began the Webmob (or by any other name), and then landlords and management companies, and on and on, accepted the services, the jobs and or the property of the huge real estate corporation(s), it could get very confusing and complicated over the decades (centuries?) regarding who controls what and who caused what.  This is one reason you must be patient with the patriots who serve Democracy in our cities and government.  They did not cause the problem, greed and imbalance in society caused the problem.  Be very careful to whom you blame!

My head is spinning as I try to unravel the tangled webs.  It never made sense for me to expose my experiences because I had no core and no society who believed that the Webmob Godfather(s) exist to create illusions and control society.  Until I can describe and establish the core, meaning the existence of the Webmob Godfather(s) illusions, I have no chance for society to believe my seemingly unexplainable experiences.  This is why I could not speak and put what I experienced into words.  It was like a double edged sword, if I spoke I would be ostracized by the very people I loved and respected or in the very least I would feel accepted but not believed.  I am going to try again because I think I have made my conclusions more clear and have given reason that the Webmob might exist.  This is a movement forward and is encouraging me to try to explain more.  The order of events may not be accurate and I may not remember every event today so the list may well not be complete.
1.     Before a family lawsuit, I came to see parallels in my experiences which lead to the belief that those whom appeared to me to act like the Webmob Godfathers I later created, were trying to set things up and make the targeted victim appear to have caused the problem or to look immoral before reasons for a law suit ever even developed or felt forced.  Plus this mafia, which I later call an underworld, always seemed to prepare for court before they commit their crimes.  During the same law suit, which was ultimately settled out of court, so many strange events were happening and they never ended, just escalated after the death of our landlord.  Thus it came to make sense to me that there was nothing else that made sense of what felt like a mafia with all those allies willing to be a part of trying to drive me crazy; and later still others, causing me to be targeted to be killed.  In the beginning of the strange events, with each experience I I would leave a written response, a paper trail that I later concluded deemed (what felt to me to be like a mafia attempting to create set ups against me) the "Webmob Godfathers'" powerless, thus eliminating every member and every ally and every plan set up against me.  It felt to me like a mafia ordered the attempted setups against me.  This emasculated what I came to name the Webmob Godfather(s) and deemed them powerless in the eyes of all who participated in the ordered set ups.  Of course I don't know precisely who the Godfather or Godfather's are who I believe want me killed or from what powerful company or organization he/she/them are affiliated with, but I certainly do not believe that our buildings management company workers want me killed or driven insane and ditto for our buildings landlord!  I can only try to explain the events happening, not explain precisely who is/are the Webmob Godfathers.  But when my landlord died it felt like a huge escalation and the beginning of being a top target with serious attempts to set up my murder by accident on purpose, or anything that appears to be natural death, and later psychic attacks.  It felt like night and day, it seemed like the mafia, which I later came to name an underworld because of their huge connections, wanted to tie up old strings and show the power after the landlord died.  I can only attempt to make sense of what I experience and put two and two together.  I believe that I am alive because I have an acute fight or flight instinct which triggers a horrible feeling that something evil is trying to happen at the time it is happening.  In the beginning my brain would fight the instinct but ultimately, what I experience as the spirit's power, wins over the denial in my brain.  And regarding writing letters and leaving a mammoth paper trail.  Paper trails are what I believe to be one of the Webmob Godfather(s) fears and weaknesses because the Webmob Godfather(s) or their Webmob lawyers can not deny or create an illusion using their various set ups and many allies with intent to confuse the facts (and the jury) when the facts are left in a paper trail by the victim.
2.     As I experienced being a victim selected by the Webmob Godfather(s) to be targeted for insanity while my landlord was still alive, before I was selected to be targeted with intent to kill, after my landlord's death, I came to believe murder was never an option so long as the landlord was live.  While the landlord was alive, I do not know who made the decisions or had the control but what I experienced is Webmob set ups and illusions which serve to overwhelm the victim and deem them powerless and, ultimately to drive the victim insane, using society to assist in alienating their targeted victims and condemning them as crazy.  I am going to try to remember the more of the basic order of events, though I think the specifics as well as the order need to be recalled as I relive the events over time.  Please keep in mind that the conclusions I write are based on what makes sense of my experiences as well as my recollection, and there is a difference between my logic and my Knowing.  Logic is of the brain and can explain facts, whereas fight or flight experiences, and spiritual experiences have no facts, but are Truth beyond facts, which is a form of Knowing where the brain has no involvement.  Thus regarding experiences that have no facts, those experiences can never be rationally explained and finding words for something that has no words is illogical.

However, in the beginning of this writing that I add to my blog site, this was a healing process for me to attempt to untangle the missing links that had no logical connections in my brain as well as to free myself from holding in the information and becoming sick.  Now, at the end of 2011, years have past, and I no longer fight the spirit or my fight or flight information.  And I learned to celebrate, not go into post trauma after the horrifying events that had no logical connection to facts.  I found God and His light and spiritual comfort.  I now only wish good things even for the Webmob Godfathers, even when they are trying to set up my accidental death or natural death scenario (though with me they may be forced to select a violent death via a crazy person, etc, because their insanity techniques did not work and their accidents on purpose have not yet been successful, and their psychic attacks have not yet caused me a heart attack and I have not been to the hospital where the possibility of getting a infection injection is possible.  I was falsely diagnosed with Lymphodema, the doctor saying my chest was swollen when it was not and I said he must be looking at my boob, that my chest was not swollen then or ever; but the doctor still wrote it down.  I had a very hard time getting the records and then was so horrified because I couldn't prove it, though my main Doctor is aware that I never had Lymphodema or a swollen chest.  I do have osteonicrosis of the hip bones, which basically means death of the hip bones.  There is a lot of money to be made in deaths and the Webmob Godfathers' have no humanity and have no allegiance to anyone or any country; if they gain something over you or anyone they win.  Whether money be made from corrupt landlords with low rent tenants or corrupt insurance companies who do not want to pay for the recovery costs or possibly even to reduce the over populated areas because cities no longer have money to handle all the people or whatever, selecting people to eliminate for the gain of one company or person or another, is a huge business.  It is successful because of the illusions created that cause the deaths leave no connection to anyone.

I heard on TV that the Bible can be interpreted as saying that Man as Devil kills one third of the population of the world.  I believe that it is happening NOW.  The selection process has begun.

I saw a piece of a TV show about Bin Laden, after he was killed.  It said something to the effect that someone captured a man connected to Bin Laden.  The captured man was water-boarded but didn't talk and then after the creation of an illusion which made him believe that he was sent to a country that would torture him terribly, for some reason he began to talk.  The captured man gave three names and addresses of three of Bin Laden's close connections.  Within one week all three of those men were dead.  The first died after being hit by a vehicle.  The second died due to a heart attack.  And the third was found in the middle of a dessert, and had died of thirst.  To me a possibility would be that the vehicle was an accident on purpose; the heart attack a psychic attack, and the last man found in the dessert who died of thirst, could have been the technique of anything that appears to be a natural death.  Of course this could be a coincidence.  However, I think that if our country was offered these services by the underworld, if they didn't accept those services, other countries would accept them (and maybe do because if the underworld I believe in is doing this, they have no allegiance whatsoever).  And, in addition, how can any country come to control something like the underworld if one does not become at least somewhat a part of it, in order to understand the secrets?  It is very complicated here.  One must be very very careful regarding who to blame and who to condemn; and one must choose compassion at every option.  I have no question that our government makes choices that are in the best interest of Democracy.  They are as great as the greatest patriots that ever lived.  I would guess that our government has a few good tricks up their sleeves themselves planned against the underworld expansion and that our government will continue to attempt to protect We the People and Democracy.  But if people fight against the very people who are serving Democracy, this is counterproductive.  Please be nice to these patriots.  I beg of you, please do not blame our patriots or the patriots of our government for what they can not do or for what they can not protect for they are NOT responsible for the development of the underworld!  It is greed, narcissism, indulgence and lack of balance with the God of our knowing that is responsible!!!  The brain and spirit must be balanced.  Man's brain is NOT God, though our spirits are percent God.  People must move away from materialistic wealth and move toward humanity.

What I feel sad about is that people will not always support the truth so this makes it difficult for our government to set the people free with the truth.  Truth is freedom and you can not have freedom without truth which is why I reach out with what I believe is my calling to expose the truth.  But this might very well be complicated for our government when people are not ready.  Making people ready for truth and keeping them non-violent, preferably compassionate, is a huge job!!!

Interesting thoughts and momentary flashbacks:

Webmob events to prepare for court
During court proceedings I did not experience any "intent to kill" set up ordered, only intent to drive insane or at least to establish the victim is both unstable and unreliable and, an irresponsible witness in order to create an illusion that could lure a jury to choose a verdict against the Webmob's targeted victim.
b.  Court case settled out of court
A credit card was stolen from both my husband and I and I believe these numbers were gathered via a land line phone.  I beleive many land lines are tapped.

Health and medical records violated


Horrifying events start occuring around me which I could not logically comprehend, nor, of course, explain. As an example, I took pictures of chilleated asbestos, and those photos disappeared from the photo shop and the only way I believe this could have happened is if the land line was tapped which is how my husband released the name of the photo shop to me.  Plus then the records disappeared.

Personal items that are you are attached to are stolen after questions are asked about how close you are to those items.  Questions are asked about if you still have your Wedding Dress, or who gave you that coat and what does it mean to you?  Much later, after several items were stolen that questions were asked about, I concluded that it made sense that these items were used to connect to my subconscious and assist in the psychic attacks.

Slowly, the victim is exposed to the mass numbers of allies creating set ups against the victim.  Many of these allies have respected positions and this will help to break the victim down in such a way that the very foundation of the society the victim thought existed feels corrupted, and no one believes the victim.  Some delivery personal, some cable workers, computer techs, plumbers, lawyers, bankers, insurance personal, doctors, psychiatrists, some doing little things, or just having medicine disappear that you need, things around you violated or stolen without any logical connection to anything and therefore no facts to explain or to sound sane; and some much more horrifying things.

The world feels like a twilight zone to a targeted victim of the Webmob Godfathers.

Set ups will be attempted after the victim has been mentally tortured and in a vulnerable and even desperate state of mind, such as the sex trap to weaken the family with intent to cause divorce-- even though I never fell for it, it is a mental torture to know these scenarios are being created all the time against you, and knowing it is fake-- it is much different having a man attracted to a woman and a man who is paid to approach a woman-- I know!  This "insanity" technique may also be used for a percent of low rent tenants but never so many that the illusion would not be believed, the underworld limits their illusions so middle class will fall for the illusion!

I experienced horrifying fight or flight imminent danger so many times that there was NO question in my mind that someone was (and is) trying to kill me.  After the fight or flight instinct I often saw things that confirmed the danger to me.  Bikes, car, bus events, skate boards, stairs, free weights, dog with leash that swings around your legs from behind, and sometimes I get no logical visuals that confirm imminent danger but I know from years of these experiences to follow my instinct and "disappear".

Events after doctor and dental appointments, A sense of needing to disappear (wearing plain common clothes, jeans, hoodie, cap, sneakers and changing three things (the Webmob uses the number three to create their illusions against middle class and their targeted victims), but always always change your bag).

When swiping a business credit card or any credit card, I experienced that I can be found within a couple hours.  And-- don't go to the movie theater afterwards-- that is an obvious pattern people do and can be a big mistake for a targeted victim!

Targeted victims need to beware of land lines they speak on.
Targeted victims need to beware of emailing where or when they are doing something.
The internet workers could be called the "Big Brother" or Man as Devil's "Best Friend" (doesn't the Bible say Man as Devil find a powerful best friend to give it world wide power?)
Targeted victims need to beware of information stored on some computers.

Businesses must watch themselves also from the inside as that is where the Webmob often infects, causing one problem and benefits another.

The Webmob Godfathers' want middle class as their slaves.  They want them in debt so they are easier to control.  They want them to loose their homes so that the Webmob Godfathers' control the property.  They want middle class and lower class business' to fail so that they can control the jobs and lure the people who have them.  They likely do not support abortion so they can make more money making people disappear and controlling people.  They want an overpopulation!  They want no health care so people are more desparate and can be more easily controled.  The Webmob Godfathers want to control how much taxes the city gets because they want to control the cities and the great people and workers in the cities.  They want to control the courts and the laws and the politicians via services, property and the control of jobs.  It is all an illusion compilation scheme!   Don't blame the wrong people who are trying to help!  I believe that it is middle and lower class that are targeted as slaves!!!!

 Health Insurance companies, doctors, psychiatrists, on and on-- greed and narcissism did it, NOT the patriots of our government.

Cell phones;  in my experience the Webmob knows who calls me and who I call but does not know what is said.
As a target, I would be uncomfortable using a mapping device that shows where I am or locates which turn to take next or which route to take.

Webmob members have many times following me to find out where I go in order to know a pattern: the Webmob can not harm me if I have no patterns, meaning what coffee shop I go to, where I go, how I get there or when I go (even if a pattern or tradition is once a year I must take precautions)

Followers often get in the back of a bus while I would get in the front.

Doormen and security guards, theater ticket sellers can be members.  Know that all members are not bad people.  Some live in fear and just want to keep their jobs.

Psychic attack information that has worked so far for me (and I have had hundreds of psychic attacks):  breathe out heavy like you are lifting a heavy weight-- don't know why.  I held a mirror on my chest and was stabbed on my side.  Mirrors, cut glass, clear cut crystals, prisms all may help, especially if moved in front of your body when the attack occurs.  Also all psychic attacks follow a straight line for some reason.  I can get away from them by turning a corner or going into another room, though the attack can find me, I can then get another break by going to another corner.

Societies limitations and fears are used to help the victim feel ostricised by the very people they love and wish to reach.  Acceptance of truth is freedom, it truly is.  You can not have freedom without truth.

God Bless America!

I apologize for any incomplete thoughts or unfinished paragraphs and misspellings or poor language.  I have little time and rushed through this!

Murder masqueraded as a natural death is a technique of the Webmob Godfathers

Do not fear, for if one dwells on fear, one is sitting in narcissism.  To accept Truth by facing the "darkness" is simply a movement toward "God's" light, without which there can be no rebirth. 

I am going to attempt to untangle a very complicated and twisted web of evil.  The following relates to the sequence of harm perpetrated against me, as I recollect and believe it (without going into specifics).  The conclusions are based on my many years of various experiences (I think over seventeen years).  I created what I named the "Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia" aka Man as Devil because I felt a calling to put together my many years of experiences with "strange happenings".

FIRST the Webmob Godfathers' targeted victim may experience the Webmob attempt to gather information about you.  This can range from what you fear, your health and mental limitations, places you frequent and the streets you frequently walk or the method of transportation used, to your drivers license number and on and on.  Due to my many years of various experiences, it makes sense to me that the Webmob Godfathers have a mass computer location where the information is gathered to be used as needed.  The information gathered can be used to figure out how to harm the targeted victim mentally, physically, financially and or emotionally, though the attempt to gain financially in one way or another will likely target most people, even though their is no direct connection to the Webmob.  This is not to say that there are not many other smaller, publicly known mafias and independent criminals as well as terrorist plots that add confusion:  What is a Webmob plot and what is not?  I do not know; I only know what I experience and what makes sense to conclude due to my experiences.

The methods of gathering information may vary.  Webmob members may steal purses on the street or in the lockers of a City Health Club or Webmob members can listen to tapped land line phones to gather credit card numbers to sell-- and on and on.  Computer software Webmob allies can gather personal photos and information useful to the Webmob bosses and Godfathers even if the internet is never installed on a computer.  The Webmob Internet Allies can gather information on your interests in order to manipulate or blackmale you or can gather information on what you buy, where you go and when you are there-- and on and on.  Rental apartment building Webmob Superientendents and Webmob tenant spies can be used to gather information about you or used to create set ups against you.  Webmob Superintendent and Webmob maintenance men and tenant spies can be given a license to steal from the tenants in a Webmob building who are not Webmob.  These Webmob Superintnedents or Webmob maintenance men and or Webmob tenant spies can directly steal from the tenant victims, sometimes with the help of a security camera in the building to gather information of when the tenant is in their rental apartment and when the tenant is out.  Though any one victim may not be targeted often, awareness can prevent many problems from happening.  Webmob Superintendents and Webmob maintenance men and Webmob tenant spies can also assist in creating set ups against you in various ways such as asking where you are going or how you get there-- and on and on.

SECOND, a victim may experience a sense that set ups are created which force the victim to react in an angry way.  If the Webmob victim is experiencing a large number of strange events, far beyond a percent which is normal, which confuse and make the victim angry, the victim may be experiencing what the Webmob Godfathers create in order to gather information in their mass computer against their victims all to prepare for court before they commit their crimes.  The Webmob Godfathers know your weaknesses and limitations and will attempt to create many set ups to make you angry in order to manipulate a jury and to help turn a jury against the victim. 

THIRD:  Societies limitations and weaknesses will be used to select the set ups against the Webmob victim in order to use society against the Webmob victim as well as to manipulate a jury before a crime has ever even been committed.  Sex traps are common.  When a Webmob victim is overloaded and overwhelmed and family and loved ones think the victim has developed paranoid and psychological problems, the targeted victim can feel desperate and accept the relief of an affair, which is actually a sex trap created by the Webmob bosses.  The exposure of this affair can cause divorse and more turmoil as well as be used as blackmail against the Webmob victim or can be used to manipulate a jury to be against the Webmob victim.  Society will naturally, and understandably, be in denial that the true victim is society.  As the victim feels lonely and needs a community to turn to, and society has deemed the victim inappropriate, to say the least, the victim can go into depression.  Subsiquently, the fact that the victim is unable to explain the horror of the Webmob set ups, and along with society's rejection of the victim, will be used by the Webmob Godfathers and bosses in order to help drive the targeted victim insane.

FOURTH:  The fourth Webmob Godfather technique is to overload and overwhelm the victim.  This can be done with the use of many Webmob members and allies.  The set ups can include an overwhelming number of problems, far greater than what is the normal percent of problems, the problems ranging from somewhat stressful to highly stressful but the technique includes a persistence in the overload set ups.  The Webmob Godfathers know that when one is pushed beyond their limits, one can no longer keep their priorities balanced and one can no longer keep their limitations and weaknesses in check.  What I experienced was a gradual mental breakdown.  Sadly, I lost patience with my young son and it took over a decade to balance out the family problems the intense overload caused.  I thank "God" for giving me that time.  There is no question in my mind that the overload and overwhelm I experienced was due to the Webmob Godfather's intent to break me down and ultimately to drive me insane.  There is no question in my mind that the Webmob Godfathers get off on torturing their victims in any and every way possible so long as their are no leads to the Webmob Godfathers.

It seems that the basic tangled web which always masquerades the Truth as something other than what it really is while always preventing the full facts that establishes the total Truth, which would lead to the Webmob Godfathers orders, is as follows: 

A.  The Webmob Godfather(s) select the targeted victim.
B.  The Webmob bosses below the Webmob Godfathers create the set ups against the targeted victim chosen by "A", the Webmob Godfathers, ofcourse, with the approval of the Webmob Godfathers.  These "B" Webmob bosses use lower Webmob bosses, who do not personally know the Webmob Godfathers and who may be chosen because they live near the targeted victim.  These lower bosses may also be asked to help in the creation of the set ups by the "B" Webmob bosses.  To avoid confusion I simply keep these Webmob bosses in one category, the "B" category.
C.  There may be one to several lowest Webmob soldiers-- who execute or attempt to execute their part of any one order from Webmob boss "B".  These soldiers are not only the tortured souls, the crazy people and the scum of the streets taken in as soldiers by Webmob bosses "B" and manipulated by channeling and releasing their tortured anger and ordering the tortured anger to be targeted on the Webmob victims.  These soldiers can be workers of respected corporations, departments, organizations and/or on and on.  These respected member of society who are also Webmob soldiers are more easily looked up to as "false witnesses" of a crime in court in order to help sway and manipulate a jury.  I will call the lowest Webmob soldier members: Webmob soldier "1", soldier "2" and soldier "3".  Soldier "1", soldier "2" and soldier "3" never know each other personally.  The number of Webmob soldiers use depends on the skills of the victim and the necessary number of Webmob members needed to guarantee a cover up of the True intent as well as to prepare for court in order to manipulate the jury.  The Webmob bosses always prepare for court.  The Webmob bosses THINK court and PLAN court before they commit their crimes. 

As a hypothetical example, say Webmob soldier "1", Webmob soldier "2" and Webmob soldier "3" are used to attempt to execute the set up against the targeted victim.  Proof of intentional or "accidental" harm-- financially, physically, mentally or emotionally-- is limited to the Webmob soldier who succeeds in the order to harm the victim, intentionally or "accidentally"-- financially, physically, mentally or emotionally-- assuming this Webmob soldier gets caught at all.   A conspiracy could not --apparently-- be believable unless Webmob soldier "1" and Webmob solder "2" and Webmob solder "3" knew each other because the final part of the harm ordered by solder "3" is set up so that without what Webmob solder "2" did and without what Webmob soldier "1" did, what "3" did could have never happened.  A conspiracy can never be established because one would have to first prove that Webmob soldier "1", Webmob soldier "2" and Webmob soldier "3" knew each other in order for "intent to harm as a conspiracy" to be established.  As a conspiracy can not be proven-- or even believed unless it can be proven that these several low Webmob members knew each other, there is never a link to the Webmob bosses.  Thus if Webmob soldier "1" or Webmob soldier "2" or Webmob Soldier "3" gets caught or admits their "accident" or individual intent to harm, the Webmob set up is still successful as there are no facts to establish intentional harm as a conspiracy which leads to the Webmob bosses and ultimately to the Webmob Godfathers.  This is very confusing and bewildering to experience these unprovable events.  Society, democracy, the courts and the jury are ultimate victim because we are being manipulated with tangled webs, so twisted that the logic of our brains can not comprehend truth.

Breakdown.  Loss of ability to keep yourself in check.  Loss of patience.

FIFTH:  A fifth Webmob technique, which may well be combined with some of those techniques listed above, is the "Mortstare", in which the perpetrator of the "Mortstare" uses a primal evil energy by going into a deep focus and stare that triggers and releases a primal evil energy.  Tormented souls get off on releasing this power over Webmob victims.  Tormented souls can be found in all walks of life and the Webmob bosses draw these tormented souls into the Webmob control.  I believe that only tormented souls are capable of doing the "Mortstare" because the "Mortstare" intent is to harm someone who is not in the process of harming them and who has never harmed them in any way.   In my experience, this evil energy causes the heart to race and instills a feeling of terror without any logic or facts, as the perpetrator is likely someone the victim has never met.  Thus the victim can not succesfully turn to our government or to doctors or to society because there are no facts or proof of harm or even a reason for the intent to harm.  Society is also used here against the victim because the victim will appear crazy-- which causes the victim to feel lonely, alienated and sometimes ostricided.  As there are so very many Webmob allies, many who may be highly respected in the eyes of the victim, these many allies are used to slowly torture and expose the immense size and power of the Webmob Godfather's tangled webs.  With no where to turn, the victim can become overwhelmed and will likely, over time, be driven insane or in the very least be deemed crazy, even by loved ones. 

SIXTH:  The Webmob Godfather(s) need to create set ups which appear to prove the victim is mentally unstable or crazy.
As the experiences of the targeted victim have no logical facts that lead to the Webmob Godfathers, a certain percentage of psychiatrists and doctors may be convinced or pressured to be a part of the Webmob doctors and psychiatrists in order that the doctor or psychiatrist get less problems from certain Webmob Health Insurance Companies.  The doctors or psychiatrists may also want the security of the Webmob service of the Webmob Insurance Policy against lawsuits.  The ultimate victim here, again, is humanity and society. 

For some time I thought about what incentives a doctor or psychiatrist might have to want to join the Webmob.  Being subpeonaed as a professional doctor or psychiatrist for court cases will problably pay higher than a day in the office for a doctor or psychiatrist.  Also, having their name on a special doctors list, of doctors who will support one another in their diagnosis to some extent may give incentive and a feeling of security to some doctors.  When one can not get caught for doing something immoral, it may be easier for some people to accept the priviledge, backup and power one gets in return for falsifying a Webmob targeted victim's records.  Or these Webmob doctors or psychiatrists may be tempted to join because the special list their name is one is more readily available to clients and brings more work and money.  Also, possibly, the doctors/psychiatrists may receive gifts or priveledges, property, rental space, or other, which may be enough to affect a predetermined general type of diagnosis chosen which, in some way would deem the victim as having psychological problems causing the terror the victim is experiencing.  Insanity of the targeted victim is a technique of the Webmob Godfathers in order to stop Truth from being exposed.  Societies terror of the victims experiences is used against the victim to help drive the victim insane.

I must note a consistent experience.  I sensed and experienced attempted set ups to harm me or kill me many many times and many years after doctors appointments.  I came to believe, after analysing many experiences, that the Webmob is able to find out who calls you on your cell phone and who you call on your cell phone and when and how long you speak, though the Webmob never knows what is said on the cell phone.  I came to also believe that the Webmob infects doctors offices even if the doctor is extraordinarily moral and will not directly participate in the Webmob or accept any of the Webmob services.  I came to believe that many land lines are tapped in this city.  I also came to believe that the only way a set up could have been planned for after some of my doctor/dental visits was if some Health or Dental Insurance Company's member(s) passed on information about my appointment (of course not knowing that the intent to use the disclosed information  was actually to assist in the first of a series of accidents on purpose which were to, somehow, lead to my "natural or accidental" death).  What I experienced after many doctor appointments was that I was followed and had to learn how to disappear (meaning wearing common clothes and changing three things, but always my bag) or confuse and loose the person following me in order to prevent the Webmob member following me to cue in on a pattern I have, a street I am walking down, a coffee shop I stop at, etc. in order that a set up to harm me can be created in a location away from the doctors office.  I could have easily been harmed right outside a doctors office and it never happened.  After years of these experiences, I concluded that the Webmob Godfathers did not want the doctors or Webmob members working within the doctors office to know what was really happening.  The Webmob Godfathers do not want their lower members to know the horrifying truth of the Webmob Godfathers' intent to mentally, physically, financially or emotionally harm their innocent victims (their families, their children or they can be next).  Due to my many experiences, it makes sense to me that the Webmob Godfather's do not want their lower members or their Webmob doctors to know the Webmob Godfathers' ultimate intent is Totalitarian control.  Wthout these "helpers" and many other Webmob members and Webmob doctors indirectly helping this cause, the Webmob Godfathers' could never achieve their ultimate goal.  Wake up America!  It is "WE, not ME!"  We can not have humanity or God and serve Man as Devil, aka the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia, which is the underworld attempting to manipulate and control mankind.

I also learned that the Webmob Godfathers need photos of their victims.  Many times I had the "sense" that someone was following me or maybe took a picture from behind.  When I stopped and the person passed I expected the person to turn around and take my picture, though many times I can turn before the shot is completed.  I am concerned about people placing their photos or family photos on the computer, even if the internet is never installed on that computer.  This is because I had experiences when I never installed the internet.  My personal photos and documents were stolen and found within unknown files, within files, within files, within files and deeper.  Just remember that the lower Webmob members used in the set ups do not know what you look like.  Also, although I am not able to delete the strategist Webmob bosses or Webmob Godfathers these lower members who execute the set ups to harm me, can be deleted.  When I am followed, I learned to turn around or stop and follow the person who I sense will turn around either to take my picture or to follow me.  When the person turns around, I have my camera or cell phone camera held out in front of me and snap the picture of the person who turns back around and toward me.  This eliminates this particular lower Webmob member.  However, like a virus, the Webmob soon learns of my techniques and will modify their orders accordingly so as not to delete so very many of their lower members which are used against me for whatever reason.  My point here is to inform the innocent victims to, please, avoid placing their photos on their computers.  The Webmob must have or get photos of you in order to complete their set ups!  Other methods of eliminating lower Webmob members is to confront them personally in any friendly way so that they know you will personally remember them.   These same lower Webmob members will likely never be used again in attempts to help execute the Webmob set ups to harm me.

When the victim experiences heart pains due to stress and anxiety and the mortstare with feeling of alienation from society, the victim likely turns to a doctor.  After evidense is in the medical record of the victim that there is some heart pain, the Webmob Godfathers may order the electric attack, a kind of a psychic attack.  Regarding my recollection of my experiences, this psychic attack only occured in my family's rental apartment.  But it makes sense to me that this electric psychic heart attack could occur any place the victim establishes as any kind of pattern, whether it be a bus stop, a coffee shop, a work place or a specific street the victim walks, or a health club a victim frequents.  Say you made a reservation for a hotel on the internet and this is confirmed by an email sent to you; even this is a possible place the victim can be attacked, assuming the skilled Webmob members can be available at that time without causing conflict between the responsibilities of different Webmob bosses and members in different locations or different states.

Court cases created as set ups against victim to enable a Webmob set up to kill the victim violently and or publicly.

Stabbing chest psychic attacks

The Devil

I believe the Real Estate Godfathers Webmob Masquerade Mafia emulates the Devil or is % devil. The upper members look like well to do busnessmen to be admired and respected and listened to; they talk in control. Each member will be lured and accept what work they are willing to do; the devil does not force people to commit crimes; but I believe the Webmob will kill in ways that appear to be accidents, all tenants, people and members who make the bosses loose face or respect (like surviving 15 years of various plots against them and like exposing the mafia-- their greatest fear). They attempt to sway people, even you, over to the dark side by getting you to do just a little something immoral in return for material property, money, hope for a better job, to keep a job, hope for a better store front, something for your child and the likes. And slowly pulling you to the dark side. In what little I have heard about the history of the devil, women have always been easily lured by material objects (I didn't fall for it). Men, then are lured by money, power, and women. In the case of the Webmob, who always prepares for court before they commit their crimes, women are lured by objects and money in return for sexual favors, and some will even blackmale rival lawyers or judges on behalf of preparing the Webmob to win a future courtcase or lure their rival judges or lawyers to the dark side to join the Webmob. Affairs and subsequant exposure of such, are also a way to attempt to separate couples from low rent apartments and make a potential legal case against them seem like a marital problem. The members who are asked to do one thing, do not know the whole planned scenerio. For example a mail carrier might follow a Webmob orders to set up a tenant in order to be subpeonade in court thinking the result of their part would be theft of the tenants property, not an excuse for murder claiming an intent to steal property, etc.

The Godfathers Webmob Masquerade Mafia rules their Realestate territories with fear. Their primary souce of fear is the mortstare and the psychic attack (see mortstare). This evil energy is used with the intent to harm or kill their victim, whether it be a low rent tenant or a tenant deemed as a nuecenst to the city We will be the cause of our own demise if we let this "Devil" overtake the humanity of our great nation. We can not take something on if we do not accept that a possibility exists that it is true. In my experience, when I have been attacked with the mortstare or confronted dangehad the chance to drop my body and brain, what isWe need to be better trained at protecting ourselves through psychic, magickal self defense and spells.

Furthermore, I beleive, that many, if not all, of the Real Estate Godfathers apartment superientendents and tenant helpers within, will help the Godfathers gather information or set up situations against tenants. The boss will store the information for a potential court case against the victim or a Webmob member; which makes the Webmob lawyer look more prepared while doing less homework. In return, the superientendent and maintenance man and tenant helper will be given a license to steal from anybody in their buildings that are not Webmob members. Thus if you or your child gets his keys stolen from a low member of the Webmob who then passes the keys to someone in your building, a trusted building member or worker can take the keys and help themselves. These Webmob workers inside Webmob apartment buildings are also allowed to steal or in any way get stolen property and resell it; and some sell drugs. But there is never any connection to the Real Estate Godfathers if they are caught doing a crime.

Lawyers are more prepared.

All accidents that happen in the city, be it in the street or in a hospital can be created on purpose to look like an accident by the Webmob bosses. There are a series of bosses at different levels. The workers who do the dirty work of the Godfathers never have a direct link to the Godfathers order but receive their orders from lower bosses. The people chosen to work a given crime will not know one another so it will appear to be proof that there was no conspiracy. Remember, the Webmob always is preparing for court before they commit their crime. They will set up the situations against their to be targeted victims using various workers of many professions at various levels. All information is stored in a Webmob mass computer for use in the event the victim brings one of the Webmob members into court. The Lawyers who accept the many criminal activity cases from Webmob court bosses get a lot of work. It keeps the court workers and lawyers and prison officials busy and well paid. Correct me if I am wrong but the city pays for the judges and court house upkeep and prison upkeep. If what I believe is true, the people who pay the taxes are the loosers and the city is paying for the breeding of criminal activities.

Conscience vs Justice vs Vengeance

Vengeance is a narcissistic act of retaliation against someone who the victim feels has done him/her wrong. What is wrong is relative to what is accepted by society and between the individual and their God. Justice, on the other hand, is both the law created by man and conscience. When justice can not be served by turning to authority or law (in my case because there are no facts leading to the source of the vengeance), the conscience remains as to what justice is. When this moral conscience breaks down, the narcissistic part of the brain can take over and begin a subconscious desire for retaliation or vengeance in hopes of finding a balance and ending a problem. If vengeance is still not an option to the victim's conscience, but the victim continues to be victimized (in my case with no proof leading to the cause), this can cause the victim serious mental problems and alienation from society. 

Thanks to many people and spirit helpers, I have survived.  I understand nothingness now, which I learned from a sacred stone given to me by a great Buddhist Shaman, who spoke without words, and who knew the sacred stone belonged to me.  I love this Shaman with all my heart.  I knew the Sacred Stone was "Nothingness" when I held it.  And then, I became the face of the Sacred Stone as I was walking home the day after I received the stone.  I knew that I was the Sacred Stone as the Sacred Stone was me when I was nothingness.  I also learned "God's" gifts to man in balance with brain and spirit from Sacred Stones that called to me.  There were the Sacred Stones from the Native American Priest Craft Traditions: the Wotai (Lakota), the Teneh (Apache).  There were the Mongolian Sacred Stones and Tibetan Sacred Stones that called to me.   It was a Buddhist healer who told me why I was being called to learn "God's" gifts to man in balance with brain and spirit.  I came to agree with his conclusion that the "Webmob" can never win because they do not have "God's" gifts to man in balance with brain and spirit.  Thus there is no need to fear the darkness.  Fear is counterproductive and becomes narcissistic by nature. 

For many many years before my awareness of my spiritual experiences, I was desparately trying to make sense of both my Fight or Flight experiences with imminent danger and that strange energy that caused terror and the heart to race (see mortstare). I felt lonely and sometimes even alienated from my family and society.  I could not speak Truth because I had no facts.  Slowly, I began to experience a regression of my overwhelmed mind. I was trying to make sense of my experiences and I, without knowing it consciously, was trying to get a grasp of what was going on in order to attempt to control the growing paranoia and to attempt to bring it down to size, all in order to survive mentally.  I am fine now, thank "God" literally.

I also had a growing need to find refuge, to escape from the allienation which I felt from society. At that time I needed someone, anyone, who could believe what I experienced as my reality and not deem me as crazy. I now understand that this period was a frantic attempt to pull myself out of desperation and survive. Of course I saw psychiatrists who tried a variety of medicines; and I saw a very good therapist who I talked to for years, and whom I developed a trust and a bond with. The medicines, however, did not stop the events which gave me that sense of imminent danger. Ultimately, Xanax, proved to be the best medicine for me. And over time, I am relieved to say, that I learned to take Xanax not to escape the horror I was experiencing, but only to temporarily shut my brain down after it goes into panic. And, as the years passed, I learned that writing, creating the diagrams I, II and IV and, when needed, imagining I was talking to my therapist, along with my occasional need for Xanox was effective enough for me. I could have a funtional home life. I stopped seeing my therapist because, ultimately, I wanted someone who could help the problem regarding what I believed to be the Real Estate Mafia. During the time I was overwhelmed, I believed I would not have mentally survived without my therapist. But many years have past and I now. I also believe I am now better off, attempting to, but not expecting to, convince society that my situation might be true.  It makes sense to me that I am a messenger.

Luckily I am not suicidal but early on, while experiencing a desire to retreat from society, I sensed this escape from society would have left me only a body, void of personality-- void of speech, void of the brain as we know it, permanently. Somehow I knew that if I left society this way that it was a one way street. There would be no coming back for me once I left. I chose to keep hope for society, but learned not to expect and not to retreat. However, I did, at last, get over this stage.

Then, as my helplessness and desperation continued over years with no official that I could turn to who could help, I experienced a bewildering two-faced affect; beginning with questioning my beliefs regarding whose side I should be on in order to survive and protect my family. I would say to myself, "Maybe I could sacrifice myself by offering my allegiance and working for the Webmob Real Estate Mafia. I could save my family, my life or at least further torture." On and off during the same period I would say to myself, "What is happening to me? I am a patriot, how could I consider becoming a trader by offering myself to the Anti-American Real Estate mafia enemy?" Yet, it seemed I had no government, no one to turn to for security and safety regarding my beliefs and conclusions (which is not the fault of the FBI or Homeland Security or police officials because the nature of the Webmob is to leave no proof to the source of the Real Estate mafia, thus my conclusions never had merit).

Over time I learned to make the events of post trauma less and less common by keeping curfews and elliminating my patterns. In my experience and belief, unless I begin an obvious pattern, or job which regards going out at night, I will be safe at night, as I am early in the morning. It is almost as though this mafia has day working hours-- once the storefronts are closed and the day businesses are closed, for some reason, I no longer experience the events of imminent danger. I can now feel a degree of freedom; I figured out how to force a degree of freedom in order to feel safe. I do exercise caution in certain areas but have not yet experienced paranoia at those hours. I take precautions by altering my hours and life in order to prevent the experiences of imminent danger that lead to post trauma, even when I do not have a feeling that something is trying to happen. I do this for my brain. When I have a doctor or dental appointment, or go to a movie, I now try not to leave patterns regarding the streets I walk down, what day and time I leave wherever, and what I wear; I sometimes even prepare an extra change of my look if I feel a need to elliminate fear (which may or may not be used and needed in a Fight or Flight Instinct).

I anticipate the next possible actions of the Webmob because in my experience, they are like a virus, they modify themselves to each new development. I am now consciously aware of who calls me or who I call before I go to an appointment because I believe the Webmob somehow gets the numbers called and received (not what is said on cell phones) and this information can lead to patterns of where I will be, which can then lead the Webmob to attempt to create set ups which are intended to lead in my death. After many experiences with pictures taken of me on the street where I frequented over the years (combined with a creepy sense of ill intent regarding the situation), I now am cautious regarding the fact that certain bags or clothes can indicate where I am going or be easy to describe or help a Webmob member, who does not know me, locate me. I have learned to work around these problems.

The Webmob knows which bank branch I frequent-- so I do not frequent any one branch. I don't have to understand why or what the Webmob specifically intends, I simply have to sense a danger to feel a subsequent need to modify myself and protect myself. I quit working out at my health club because I was experiencing far too many mortstares (see mortstare) as well as I expereienced those occasional feelings, over many years, of horrifying imminent danger which were followed by subsequent Fight or Flight Instinct reactions muddled with and or assisted by the interference of my thought process. I learned that man's best weapon is the brain; attempt to outsmart the assallent. When I sense a danger one of my persistant experiences is a confused look on my face with thoughts going through my brain, "Why am I doing this? What is going on?" I have learned to go into this feeling instead of going into fear and panic. This is when I believe my brain comes into play in order to assist the Fight or Flight Instinct. It is after I survive that my guard goes down and my brain feel violated and horrified at the experience.

I also believe that certain information downloaded from the computer, e-mails and or computer history is intercepted by the Webmob computer specialists and the Webmob can determine which mail delivery service will be delivering something in order to create a variety of set ups in a variety of ways. Believe me, the thought of joining forces with this highly successful criminal society entered my mind, more than once. What if the Webmob spreads throughout America and is never brought under control? Must I modify myself? Ultimately I learned I was not capable of following through with this two faced syndrome. This is partially due to the fact that I believe that joining the Webmob is not an option for me. I could never establish I reciprical trust factor with the Webmob. The Webmob Real Estate Godfathers are not in touch with the core or center of their beings; they know only narcissistic power, control and fear. The Godfathers do not know the spirit or that pure energy uncontroled by the brain. The nature of their vengeance includes an omnipotent need to rule with fear and to prove their power. They have a need to tie up all the loose ends of unfinished business. I believe that I am but one of those loose ends. Once on the list of targeted victims to die, I believe one is always on the list of targeted victims to die. This is my predicament. And the reverse is the predicument of the Webmob Godfathers. One of their services to pull in allies is the Webmob Control by Terror Service. They offer this service yet the Godfathers have not followed through with tieing up the loose ends of their business. Furthermore, I believe that many of these allies have been ordered to help in the Webmob Real Estate Godfathers' set ups to harm/kill me. But after all the years of planning and with the continuing on and off attempts to order the execution of their set ups against me, the Webmob Real Estate Godfathers have yet to succeed. I believe, that simply through my survival, I emasculate the Godfathers in front of their many members and allies. In the mind of the Godfathers, maybe I have deemed them powerless until they succeed. Though, I do not know this is actually true, it makes sense to me because I have yet to experience a year without events where I sense that unexplainable imminent danger. The good news is that set ups against me are not frequent, probably due to the fact that planning and time would be involved and different members each time. In my experience, a Webmob member ordered to follow me or to be a part of the actual set up against me will not be used again after I have confronted that member in any way that extablishes that I know who he is (this does not include the strategist bosses or spies who will assist the set ups over and over again).

Regarding my current mental state, once I came to see the whole picture as diagrams I, II and IV show, my brain was no longer desparately going all over the place and wondering what was going on and where was the end and if this why not this? This tremendous mental burden, this huge, overwhelming scope of uncertainly, this horrifying paranoia which I now believe is intentionally caused by the Webmob with the intent to cause insanity, finally became controlled and isolated! I began to realize that I was going to mentally survive. I continue to remain cautious during certain hours and regarding specific events but I certainly do not feel and never did feel someone is constantly stalking me. And after the events where I sense I am being followed and subsequently take action to stop the follower from following me (which I believe is intended to lead to a set up which is intended to lead to my death), I feel completely relieved and free regarding further fear of being followed on that day. I do mentally prepare (and protect) my brain for the number of followers to one day increase but have not yet experienced this. My brain, however, continues to feel helpless and horrified and confused and this post trauma, after what I experience to be imminent danger, can last a night to weeks before I rid the feeling of being violated from my brain (though Xanox works perfectly for me, I prefer to attempt to learn how to deal with the trauma without it). I can say that the length of time it takes my brain to heal has significantly shortened over the years. I can also say that there are times I can get by with half the amount of Xanox and sometimes there are times I no longer need it. There is no question that I am getting stronger, though I have a long way to go to totally control my post trauma feelings of violation and panic after the events where I experience imminent danger.

Now, having experienced this whole sequence of events, the end result has lead me to the core of my conscience: I am not God; I have no control what happens to another human being; I can not be a part of vengeance which could destroy someone's health or life. I am, however, also a mystical person with many mystical experiences. I do not believe I am a witch, and have no religion of the sort. But if my many mystical expereinces mean I am a witch void of study or religion and do not know it, then I am a witch of pure white light who can not use the dark side, which I perceive is vengence of the brain. I must follow the light. All I sense if that my conscience wins-- or is it part the calling of the spirit or that energy beyond the brain? I have decided that whether I survive my beliefs of being a targeted victim of what I call the Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia, or not, I can at least be in touch with the core, that center within me that is bigger than the body and the brain put together. Suffering (the body) becomes irrelevant next to the need to follow a higher and greater calling-- the spirit or energy beyond the brain's perception (though of course I would have moved to another country long ago if it was an option, which it is not). Because I perceive the body and brain as separate from the spirit, or energy beyond the brain, I understand the rituals that I believe void the body or use sacrifice or human blood or mutilation of the body to prove this separation. I do not feel that it would be difficult to do these things in the state of mind where I am separate from the awareness of my brain. But I feel no need or desire to prove this state of being or to harm or mutilate myself. I simply accept it. However this ritual involving varying tests of the strength of man's mind or what I believe to be the voiding of the brain is accepted by many cultures and tribes. It is possible that I need to study this centering more in order to rid my post traumas once and for all.

My plan is learn to let go of the brain, to believe in and to totally, blindly, trust in the calling of the spirit or energy of Individual Truth in order to void my post trauma after the events where I sense imminent danger. This is difficult for my brain. For now, I can, however, at least live with dignity, in relative peace or die in relative peace with my conscience and my spirit, or energy beyone thte brain-- and, to me, this is a powerful choice; though many societies might call this a worthy sacrifice.
(For the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia, see diagrams I, II and IV at: Copr. 2008, DRT All rights reserved.


The Word that defeats Man as Devil is the Universal Language in "God's" "Light"

I was puzzled by a TV show depicting the Apocalypse as the defeat of "Man as Devil" by the Word and not the sword.  I thought about this for some time.  It was clear that "Man as Devil" was dead but how could the word(s) have killed them?  But I later concluded that the Word never kills them as the Light of "God" is Love and is likely then pure and balanced in Man emitting the Light at that time of the final Word(s).  Man and "Man as Devil" must at that time select to respect from whence we came and accept "God's" world or leave it-- which if the selection is rejection of "God's" Light one then chooses to leave "God's" world, in effect committing suicide.  You either serve "God" (knowingly or not knowingly) or you serve "Man as Devil" (knowingly or not knowingly); there is NOTHING in between.

I received the information that lead me to write an email which lead me to write this blog post and which I now copied here and is starred below but slightly modified, including removing names of friends, and attempting to make it more clear, I have concluded without question, first that I am a Christian, (I was Agnostic for about twenty years) and second that I interpret the Word as "God's" Light.

Note: When I say Man, I mean man or woman.  When I reference "God", I mean the great power and mystery of Life ( I name this God, due to my Christian upbringing).  "God", which, to me is the Spirit as a culmination of Souls combined with the mystery and the Power that Guides our souls with Love.  I put God in quotation marks because there are other names such as "Great Spirit" to some Native Americans and various names to Pagans and "Great Buddha" to Buddhists.  The Buddhists I know have remarkable balance of brain and spirit and have a huge connection to the sacred "Light" and no one has more respect for the Buddhist than I.

The Word(s) is in the Light of "God", which speaks Truth in a Universal Language.

I do not believe all mortals must use the words written in one man's language in order to be one with the Light.  Nor must the interpretations of the Word in the "Light" from many men together in any one language be known or accepted literally in order to be one with "God's" Light"; the words interpreting the "Word" in the Light, which may come from any one religion, are interpreted by Man, thus the core of our service to "God" should be accepting the Word in the Light which will guide us to Truth.  Man's literal word is not as important as from whence the Word came-- which is from the Universal Language in the Light of "God".  But we must accept "God's" Light into our lives in order for the mortal to be in balance with brain and spirit.
How do we open ourselves to the Light of "God"?  One has only to open a space for the "Light" in order to be one with the Light, for the "Word" in the Light speaks all languages and will be interpreted as Truth by each language providing the Man is serving the Truth in the Light and not his/her narcissism!  Truth is in the Universal Language within the Light of "God".  It is when Man's narcissism brings the Universal Language of "God's" Light too far that dangerous things begin to happen.

Even regarding the moral majority, who seem to find illusion and denial the popular hiding place, even these good people are lost and will be blinded from "God's" Light if they do not open a space for the Truth within the Light.  Part of the Truth is we need to stop hiding in our narcissism, and accept and trust in the Truth and serve the Light over ourselves, for by doing so we will be Guided through the darkness and into the Light, which ultimately is the Gateway to Rebirth.

The gifts from the Light of "God" to those Men in balance with brain and spirit include: Love, Hope, Wisdom, Health (this does not mean most mortals can understand this), Protection (this does not mean that most mortals can understand this), Peace with Death and life after death, Happiness (this does not include any narcissistic thinking of any kind) and Justice (this does not mean that most mortals can understand "God's" justice-- though you may find it in the Light of "God" and Know that it is one hundred percent about Love-- the process of helping mortals come to balance, to remember from whence they came and to live the Word in the Light of "God" over your narcissistic fears and needs (note that many of Man's needs are illusions and excess which slow the focus on those suffering the most).

The following is the email I sent to friends (modified):
I had sent this similar email to a couple other friends and I am sharing it with you.

Though I try to "spare you" most of my experiences, I wanted to tell you about my recent one. 

I will preface this by saying a day or two before the quote below I had written my Shaman friends about the white wolf and how my son insisted he heard a growl and told me I was a White Wolf (and I had never mentioned a white wolf or that I could shape-shift) when I was aware I had shape-shifted in front of him into a White Wolf (my son is a mathematician and analyzes things with the mind of a mathematician so he later said it freaked him out and he blocked it out and concluded he did not understand why he said what he said-- that I was a white wolf).  By the way, I did not hear the grow-- though I was aware I was the white wolf.  My Buddhist friends explained to me that I WAS the White wolf, similar to a glass of water that you add apple juice to, the water is still there and the apple juice is still there-- I am both.  I often turn to them for wisdom and even release regarding my experiences.  The Lama Buddhist Shaman has selected sacred wolf teeth? for me and along with other sacred items I gave donation for (I believe me their sacred stones and items can teach you things!!!--   I had also been contemplating my "job" and what is the purpose of my White Wolf.  Remember, it was the Raven who lead me to the Oak, which danced for me when no other trees were moving-- and ravens also often lead wolves to food and are often known as Messengers.  I read that in a dream, a White Wolf represents Victory and Valor but if you kill the white wolf, this means betrayal and secrets will be uncovered/revealed.  Interesting because long before this I came to feel my job was to expose Truth.  Okay, I am getting off the subject: to get to the point here, I had also written that maybe the Wolf, which is of the third eye/the brain and memory could "attack" the third eye level/memory of my attacker and by deleting memory I would cure the evil ones of narcissism (at least temporarity) while saving my life.  Then I opened this book of Myla's (the deceased, High Priestess Christian Wiccan) to this page:

I was removing Myla's books and putting them in a bag to store away the day before Easter.  I was drawn to book that looked worn.  I opened it, not knowing why, to this page:
          Book Title:  "Exploring in the Next World" by Jack MacArthur Copyright 1967
'(4)  Some say that God is too merciful to send a soul to hell.  There is much misunderstanding at this point.  No where does the Bible say that God ever sentenced a soul to hell.  The infinite, eternal, inexhaustible love of God never decreed that a soul should spend eternity in hell.  "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved" (John 3:17).  Suicide is not murder!  In the case of a murder, someone else is responsible for the victim's death; in a suicide the one who takes the life and the one who dies is one and the same.  When a man rejects Jesus Christ, he commits spiritual suicide.  In this case the condemnation and death is alone the responsibility of the Christ-rejector.  God is not in any way responsible.  No soul ever goes out into the dark night of eternity without Christ unless it goes over and past every possible barrier that the love of God can place between it and the lost world.  Men go to hell because that is where they choose to go.  It is the world of their choice.  Men do not want to come to God on God's conditions, on God's terms.  They deliberately refuse and reject Jesus Christ, and in so doing they accept the consequences of their choice.  Our Lord loves those who reject His redemption.  He loves the souls of those who die without Him, who go out beyond the reach of His saving hand.  He loves the souls of those who die without Him, who go out beyond the reach of His saving hand.  He never ceases to love them.  ...The love of God permits the lost soul that does not want Him to spend eternity even as he has spent life-- without Him.  ...It will not be because the testimony of the Word of God was not clear and plain; it will be, in the light of divine revelation, because you deliberately chose the dark.  God lets you choose.  Jesus said, "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil" (John 3:19)  Notice, they love darkness, they prefer darkness.  It is their choice!'
This was the day before Easter!  Yes, I am Christian.

I then decided to trust the "light" and not try so hard to figure it out what the White Wolf meant.  I did, however, see a TV program that said Man as Devil is not killed by the sword but by the "light".  They are killed by words?  They are dead.  I finally concluded that the word means the "light" and the "light" contains the universal language that every person of every language understands.  In the end one must choose if he/she wishes to "live" in "God's" ("God" meaning Great spirit, Great Buddha or any other name) world or not and I now believe and conclude that it will be the "light" that "speaks" that "word".

This page is the one I had opened to first.  Then I opened to a page with a small piece of cloth in it-- I knew it was Myla's message.  Here is what the page said:  (this is amazing!)

'We are told of a class of beings called archangels.  Three of these are named in Scripture.  Lucifer will be spoken of in detail later.  The other two, Gabriel and Michael, are stated to be the messengers of God to man.  Michael, we are told in Daniel 12:1, is the head of the armies of heaven In the Old Testament both these mighty beings enter into God's ministry of prophetic revelation as they come to the aid and comfort of Daniel.  In the New Testament, Gabriel is the instrument of the revelation to Mary and Joseph of the supernatural birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  These archangels might be called the rulers or the governors under God of the spiritual world, and under them we are shown a host of living beings called angels.  They are mentioned in the Bible a total of 273 times.  So great is our reverence for God's Word, and so marvelously have we seen it vindicated in every claim that we cannot believe that the Holy Book would descend to lying 273 times on this subject.  We view with confidence the statements of Scripture on this as on all subjects.  ...Angels are set forth as created beings whom we might reverently call God's laborers.  They exist to do His will and to perform such service for Him as the works of a spiritual kingdom might call for.  That angels are real, living beings, is evidenced by the fact that the Epistle to the Hebrews, in its first two chapters, set forth seven reasons why Jesus is greater and better than the angels.  Very clearly then, angels are as real in personality and existence as was the Lord Jesus Christ when He walked the earth in a physical, bodily form.'

One of Myla's items that I rejected and then later purchased but thought it was "studid" (like many other items I felt called to purchase) was her angels (particularly one-- the others you gave me and I came to love).  I look back now at my expressionist period when I did not understand what I was doing but I placed wings on people, that wings on people is the only way a mortal can visually show mortals in spiritual form.  I often created images with me having wings.  I now believe that Myla was one of God's angels and I am a kind of a Messenger.

I am very much like the "Fool" in the Throth tarot (I heard the Fool as being defined as everything and nothing at all, with his head in the clouds, he does not understand why he does what he does but it feels right, like a calling-- and in the end the Wizard and the High Priestess turn to the Fool for the answer; and in the very end the "Fool" becomes the High Priestess--).  I selected the Fool card before I ever knew about what the Fool meant and I still know nothing of how to use the Tarot cards or how to create ANY magick!  The feminine compliment to the Fool in the tarot is Adjustment (active Justice) and I selected the Adjustment card when I put energy out to serve a purpose (a prayer/spell/intent) without ever knowing it had a relation to the "Fool" or even that there was a bird hidden on its shoulder (likely a raven and I suspect Alister Crowley never saw it!).  This is Harris's art in the Throth tarot-- I have this feeling it was Harris who was closer to the Light of "God"--amazing.

Please do not condemn or alienate those who follow their calling to serve "God" in strange ways.  We need them.

I would like to add here that in the subsequent days after writing the above email, I concluded that it seems that the moral majority has moved into excess or indulgence or illusion or/and denial as well as apathy to the extent that they follow whoever acts in power!  The movement is away from balance and the "Light", thus the majority need assistance to come into balance.  "God" has the unpleasant job of trying to teach us and give us experiences that will ultimately lead us to become one with the "Light" and into balance with "God".  As "Man as devil" now exists on earth, as I see it, more relatively good people will be lured by "Man as Devil" and move even more out of balance from the "Light".  As we move into the darkness we will have two choices; to serve "God" (knowingly or not knowingly) or to serve "Man as Devil" (knowingly or not knowingly).  But all will suffer in the darkness for we must move closer to the "Light"/"God" before our "Light" can be strong enough to speak the "Universal Language in the Light" and then assist in saving those moving toward evil.  Even more people will accept the "light"/"God", like an epidemic when people start getting it; and then the "Light" will be so strong that the moral majority serving the "Light" will control without great effort and without bloodshed.  At that time, "Man as Devil" will either submit to the "Light"/"God" or cease to exist, by his own making and his own choice.  This makes sense to me and it brings me great peace and fearlessness.  The darkness we are moving into is necessary because Man's narcissism created the movement toward the darkness indirectly by moving out of balance with "God".  Ultimately the darkness is just a movement toward the "Light"/"God", and into the Gateway to Rebirth; and it is "God's" way of asking us to listen to His Words in the Universal Language in the "Light" so that we might be saved.

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