Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?

Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?
The Raven, a messenger, brings the darkness of Truth into our lives. We must go into this darkness to find "God's" light, which will be the gateway to rebirth. Do not fear the darkness! Focus on the light!

Death Row Tenant describes a mammoth Real Estate criminal underworld: the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Underworld.


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I. The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members

I.  The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members
The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV.  The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Not shrunk to fit: for those who want a close up view.




     I would like to preface my conclusions written below, imperfect though they may well be, with a one sentence summary of the Webmob Godfather(s) techniques to lure and control moral targets:  The core of every Webmob Godfather(s) technique is to create an illusion in order to manipulate each sector of society with hopes to ultimately end democracy and control mankind.
    Please keep in mind that I have come to believe that the Webmob Godfather(s) Techniques were created and developed over centuries.  What I am writing is a contradiction to logic, to the nature of our brains.  It is all so immense and confusing for me to write so it goes to say that my writings must be difficult to read.  Please take your time.  I apologize for this.  I could not possibly know all the techniques and I certainly do not fell that I will get it all right.  My mind begins to spin as I unravel this tangled web; but I will try to touch on the Webmob Godfather(s) techniques that make sense of my experiences to me or that come to my mind as logical possibilities.  I am quite sure this list is small.

The Majority are Submissive to Authority

     The Real Estate Godfather(s) Webmob Masquerade Underworld attempts to lure and control the moral majority.  Over the centuries more and more insecure people, bowing to the illusion of the chosen Webmob member's control, end up serving the Webmob in one way or another.  These basically moral people certainly do not know the whole picture of what the Webmob is and these basically moral people often do not even understand the harm they could be doing to another human being and ultimately to humanity just by accepting the lure and control of the Webmob member assigned to manipulate them.  In order to herd people like sheep into the Webmob illusions, the self image of the targeted person will be manipulated.  Superiority and control over the moral victim must be established by the Webmob member ordered to target this moral individual. 
     The goal of the Webmob Godfather(s) to use the insecurities and weaknesses of the moral majority has been highly successful.  Many of the moral majority and of the immoral minority have or had mothers and fathers or mother and father substitutes and many were raised to respect the requests of these authority figures, whether their requests seemed to be fair or not.  One simply learned not to question the authority figures in their lives.  
     I am no professional but it makes sense to me that the cause of the lack of democratic discussion in these families may well have been a pattern passed down from their lineage.  There simply was not time to teach reasons for every decision made-- even if the authority figure had the time to understand themselves and the family structure and limitation in order to know what the reason really was (and just this is unlikely).  The blame lies in a four letter word: T-I-M-E.
     Centuries ago the Webmob Godfather(s) probably studied human limitation and found this common weakness of subconscious submission to authority to be a convenient stepping stone to their underworld illusion of power.

     The Webmob Godfather(s) maybe figured out that for most people, to confront and disagree with authority would be to move against the very structure defined in our subconscious minds, which is to respect our parents or parent figure(s) and not to question authority figures.  This is why people are generally followers and submissive to authority.  Thus the Webmob Godfather(s) may well have trained their members to talk in control, like cowboys, maybe even watch the cowboy shows as a training method.  In my experiences, all Wemob members, even the lowest members, are trained to talk in control.
    Though I am not a professional, what might be helpful is to teach our children that we don't always have time to question or figure out why for every rule made, but in society I think children should always be encouraged to question and develop thought and disagree at the appropriate times.  Children should know that it is good to disagree without being disagreeable.  Of course there are times when being disagreeable is the only effective way.  But if a child is encouraged to disagree without being disagreeable in the home at designated quality times when the parent has time to try to develop thought, the parent can allow a more democratic environment and encourage questions and communication at this time.  My point being if the moral majority questions and speaks out at designated times in the home, the moral majority will begin to question and speak out when they sense something is wrong in society.
     For those in the moral majority who simply can not talk back to authority because they feared or subconsciously feared their parent figure(s), expression of disagreement in society via a paper trail is sufficient.  However some form of action needs to develop in order that the moral majority is heard and in order that the moral majority protects themselves.

The Nature of "Man's" brain (meaning man's brain and woman's brain) is Narcissistic

I was told that it has been proven that "Man" will first think of and prioritize a decision based on what benefits their own comfort and needs or the comfort and needs of the individual's family.  The greater whole is usually not the priority or the first thought in the individual's mind.  Prioritizing the greater whole is not the first instinct or the nature of the individual's brains.  In order to select what is best for the whole over what is best for the individual and his or her family, one must let go of the narcissistic nature of the brain.  Until man can move away from the nature of the narcissistic brain, we have little chance of moving into balance with humanity and nature.  It makes sense to me that centuries ago the Webmob Godfather(s) studied human nature and human limitation in order to create illusions that might ultimately control mankind.  It makes sense to me that these powerful and respected real estate Webmob Godfather(s) knew the nature of "Man's" brain was narcissistic, even for moral people.  Thus it follows that the Webmob Godfather(s) knew that most people would accept a Webmob offer to provide some kind of comfort or need in return for doing a little something for the Webmob (of course the name Webmob or any thing similar would not be known).  The manipulated target is never told that they are  a part of an illusion to cover up the harm and control of an individual, though somewhere along the line the individual accepting the Webmob comfort or need offered, may well sense that what they are doing in return will help to harm someone.  This manipulated individual can always create the excuse in their minds that they never knew.  The fact that they are serving the underworld is never known to these individuals.  The Webmob Godfather(s) underworld scheme to ultimately control mankind is also never known by these individuals. That the Webmob Godfather(s) intent is to take away the basic freedoms of the manipulated individual's children and their children's children is not known to these individuals accepting a comfort or need from the Webmob member.  Until this information is known and accepted by society, society can not help the patriotic officials in our democracy; and our patriotic officials in our democracy are limited in how they can help this moral majority because they are in denial of Truth (as I see it).


     There are various authority figures in society that are lured by the Webmob bosses and become Webmob members to one degree or another and whom are used to manipulate or abuse or set up the moral individual.  Some of these authority figures that may be infected by the Webmob control and whom are used to gather information against a victim or to create set ups and illusions against targeted victims are some members of the following groups: doctors, psychiatrists, health insurance companies, judges and court members, hospital workers, cable company workers, electric company workers, gas company workers, computer tech workers, postal delivery workers, building construction workers, plumbers, electricians, door men, security personal, and as a patriot it is heart breaking but understandable to add that a percent of the fire department members and police department members and city department members and on and on.  Many of these figures are authority figures who, in general, will not be questioned because submission to authority and in some cases, fear of authority, is ingrained into our subconscious minds.  We simply must be aware of this and overcome our weaknesses in order to prevent being controled and manipulated.
     Regarding medical records, my unprofessional suggestion is to keep a copy of all medical records.  If a doctor or psychiatrist, or any authority figure for that matter, speaks AT you instead of TO you or makes you feel like they are trying to control your decision making process, do your research on your medical situation and find out if you should be getting another opinion.  If you feel the doctor is rushing to make decisions to serve himself and his income and is not genuinely caring and serving what is in your best interest, let this be a red flag.
     Let me take my unprofessional suggestion to another level.  Do your research on your medical situation whether or not you feel you may have been violated because you need to know your choices and you need to take control of your own life and medical decisions.  Doctors and authority figures are not all knowing.  For instance, even the greatest moral doctors do not offer all of the best medical choices, for example a doctor may not know of or offer the best prosthetic for you.  If a doctor does not offer what is best for you it may be because they do not carry what is best for you in their inventory or they may not be trained in that type of surgery which is the best, but not the only, procedure for you; and doctors are simply not perfect people.  But, if a doctor will not listen to your questions and cuts you off when you ask certain questions, look into your choices.  If you sense something is very wrong, and you felt you could not question the doctor or authority, send an email to both the doctor or authority in question as well as to your primary care doctor or, in the case of a different authority figure, send an email to higher authority so that your thoughts and decisions are documented.  Of course keep a copy of the record in your medical records file.
     When you have time to study your medical records file, although I am no professional and can not give professional advice, I believe that if you see there are many different diagosis, by doctors or psychiatrists, and the records regarding the same situation are grossly inconsistent or if the diagnosis feels inaccurate or intentionally inaccurate to you-- or you know the information is not accurate, let this be a red flag.

     One technique of the Webmob Godfather(s) control techniques is to prepare to make the victim's testimony in court unreliable.  Now, of course the victim has no idea what is happening.  In order to create an illusion to make a sane victim's character appear unreliable, illogical or crazy, custom made Webmob set ups and professional records are created that seem to prove that the victim in fact is unreliable or crazy.  This is one of the Webmob Techniques because the Webmob Godfather(s) create illusions and the Webmob Godfather(s) always prepare for court before they commit their crimes.  But, of course the victim has no idea what is going on.
     When the victim senses or establishes in their minds that a large number of authority figures seem to be conspiring to create illusions against him or her, the victim still has no idea how to figure out why they are being violated.  Yet, the victim must figure out why they are being violated in order to explain the growing confusion in their own minds and in order to prevent insanity or retreat from reality.  The Webmob technique of slowly exposing more and more allies to the victim will continue at this time of the victim's confusion and this technique will serve to attempt to drive the victim insane, which is why it is important for the victim to understand what is going on and take control of their mind, even without the support of society.
     Proving a suspicion is impossible for a victim of the Webmob and speaking of a suspicion only serves to make the victim appear illogical or crazy to loved ones and unexposed professionals, and thus turning to society serves as like a double edged sword.  After many years, if a target survives, the target may be able to figure out that the use of the authority figures creating false records against the target, was in fact an illusion to make the victim look unreliable, illogical and or crazy, but why?  The victim would not know this answer, thus any suspected conspiracy theory would not be believed.  After many more years, and in the unlikely event that the victim survives mentally (or at that point the victim may also be targeted for physical harm or death) the victim may at long last make sense of the whole picture and surmise that the Webmob Godfather(s) need to prepare for court before they commit their crimes.  But why?  The victim does not know this.  What crimes do they commit?
     In order to make sense of sixteen years of strange experiences that lead me to conclude conspiracies, I surmised that the conspiracy illusions created to drive me insane were also illusions created to manipulate the juror against myself.  I have no specific knowledge regarding if a court case would ever exist but it made sense of my experiences and that is the only conclusion that I have found thus far.  (I am open to suggestions.)  Later the thought entered my mind that it was either this conclusion to manipulate the juror against me and that would seem to mean that the Webmob Godfather(s) have court plans for my future and I simply have no idea what lies ahead.  In the case of the Webmob Godfather(s) not knowing if there was going to be a court case, then it would go to say that the Webmob Godfather(s) create back up plans when a victim is targeted.  As a final scenario, maybe the Webmob Godfather(s) are so paranoid they fear that somehow someone would use my story to sue the ...
     Before a targeted victim can figure out there is a reason for the illusions they are experiencing, and in the unlikely event that the targeted victim survives mentally, the targeted victim may well be left with a feeling of loss of control, loss of a footing in society, a feeling of being ostracized or rejected, where there is nowhere to turn and no way to establish the truth.  The feeling to me was like I was in a twilight zone, in an unexplainable agony with feelings of isolation until fourteen to sixteen years later when I began to figure it out.  It was all an illusion created by the Webmob Godfather(s) and it wasn't just about me; I was just fine!  Most over people needed the help and that's where my job to figure it all out and try to put it all in writing comes in.  It felt as though I was called upon to serve as messenger, like it was my job.

     My unprofessional advise is that if you feel or know someone who feels the information written by various psychiatrists in their medical records appears to attempt to make them look unstable or crazy or unreliable, and you or they feel or know that this information is inaccurate, let this be a red flag.

     If you are a sane person and you actually experience many accidents, or attempted accidents, far beyond what is a normal percent, and you sense someone is out to get you, in the case of the Webmob, control by unprovable conspiracy is a possibility.  This is not to say that one should not put in perspective what seems to be a normal percent.  One should not conclude that anytime there is an accident that one should blame the Webmob.  Of course every accident is not caused by the Webmob.  But if you have many years of suspecting someone is trying to kill you, and you are of sane mind, this should put up a red flag.
     Webmob experiences may give you feelings of paranoia.  Even though my experiences are based on my exceptional fight or flight instinct, I have so many years of experiences with the Webmob that I have to catch myself sometimes using my eyes and wondering if someone standing outside on a corner or wherever is a part of the Webmob and will follow me.  I have learned to ask myself if I used my eyes or ears and if I did, I can quite quickly delete the beginnings of any paranoid feeling and move forward feeling free.  The times that the fight or flight instinct is extraordinarily strong I experience an obvious fight between my brain and my soul, and my brain has no clue as to what is going on and sometimes my body moves without my choice.  If, on the other hand I continue to be uncertain as to whether I used my eyes to question someone might be following me or if indeed it might be a minor warning (like someone is going to follow me or take my picture but not something of imminent danger-- events of imminent danger are very obvious)  I simply take time to prove to myself that the person is not following me or, if the person goes in my direction, I will do such things as see if they cross the same way I do, or go into a store and see if they are there when I come out.  If the person is waiting on the corner and watches me come out of the store, I just stand behind the person after making sure the person knows I know who they are.  Number one this deletes the person from being used again and number two it stops the person from continuing to follow me.  The most important thing for people like me to remember is that the fight or flight instinct has nothing to do with the eyes or ears, it is an intense and obvious instinct when imminent danger lies before me.   But as time goes on, the Webmob set ups are modified because they have studied my behavior or read this blog.  Que sera sera.
     Remember if die or if I am killed by the Webmob, I will do everything I can to be reenlisted spiritually or physically to assist the innocent victims targeted mentally, physically, financially and emotionally by this underworld.  Be assured I intend to continue to serve Democracy and "God", but not in that order.  I will do anything and everything I can legally do to force the Webmob Godfather(s) to serve humanity, to heal and to find balance with "God".  This is my calling.
     I do not hate the Webmob Godfather(s), I pity them for they have lost their way. I do not hate real estate corporations.  I do not hate landlords.  I do not hate any person lured by the Webmob.  I do not hate any person who acts as boss for the Webmob.  I do not even hate any Webmob Godfather, Webmob boss or Webmob member who orders me targeted, who plans set ups or who assists in a set up against me with intent to harm or kill me.  One can not live in hate like that.  I turn to Love, meaning "God"/spirit, and I listen to my soul.  The power of "Love" is so much stronger than the hate and illusion of power of the Webmob.  There is no question in my mind that Love/"God" will prevail.  We have only to move away from fear and hate in order to heal and focus on the "light" as we move into the darkness.  What an honor to be a part of the "light"!
     As a note about myself.  Many years ago I turned to a psychiatrist for medicine regarding my horrifying experiences (I spoke to a therapist because I felt a greater trust).  This period was before I created my diagrams which would serve to make sense of my fourteen years of experiences and would serve to help me to heal.  I was inconsistently diagnosed as paranoid.  In my recollection, one psychiatrist told me that anyone is paranoid in psychiatry if they pursue something despite the odds against them.  My thought was that I am in good company because even heroes would be considered paranoid because they pursue something despite the odds against them.  In my case, of course I don't think of myself as a hero, I think of myself more as the "Fool" in the tarot who goes about trying to find out what the world is about and the answers to the problems while his head in the clouds.  This is because I follow my spiritual callings without understanding what I am doing (there are times my body even moves via the control of the spirit and not my brain).  Certainly I have no control of power.  I am more spirit than brain control.  The Webmob Godfather(s) are 100% sitting in their narcissistic brains.  At any rate, there is no question in my mind that I am already at the top of the Webmob Godfather hit list, thus there is nothing I say or do that can increase the odds against me. 
     I would not recommend attempting to get on the Webmob Godfather(s) hit list, and one must act carefully and in moderation in order to have time for family and balance, whatever one chooses to do.  But a lot of people are literally on the Godfather(s) hit list, such as those targeted for an infection injection in a hospital.  These innocent people are not even aware that the Webmob Godfather(s) are controlling much of society, thus they can not react.  These innocent targeted victims for infection injection are being targeted for death.  If these targeted innocent people knew, there would be more action and exposure because they have nothing to loose.  This scenario is not like the hero who pursues something despite the odds against them.  The more strange horror stories that are exposed, the closer society will come to accept the Truth without experiencing the Truth and act on behalf of humanity.  When society comes to believe something, what they believe, whether it was ever proven or not, becomes a fact. 
     The question here is, do we have anything at all if we allow the total takeover of Democracy?  Without our basic freedoms would anyone find a peace in life-- acting as robots on behalf of an illusion?  Is this not a betrayal of "God"?  Is this not a betrayal of humanity?  Is this not a betrayal of the balance of nature?  Can we just close our eyes and allow this atrocity against "God" and humanity and the balance of nature?  If we ultimately loose more and more control of everything we do mentally, physically, financially and emotionally, we have lost humanity.  I believe it follows that all of society is already on the hit list and it is best for the moral majority to act now when the moral majority is still able.
     At any rate, my unprofessional advice is: don't let society discourage you if are a sane person and feel someone is trying to kill. Remember society does not have your experiences.  Exposure of what you experience is an important part of helping society to move away from illusion and into Truth and to begin to heal.  Think of the process as a service to humanity.


And, finally, if you feel information in your medical records appears to attempt to show your body is sensitive to infection or needs antibiotics for every little pimple or bug bite rash when you experience that you heal well, let this be a red flag.  I believe the infection conspiracy theory exists and that there is a lot of money to be made on some of us if the Webmob insurance companies can be lured to make a profit on unprovable infection injections in order that money does not have to be paid out for recovery and rehabilitation services.  Of course I do not know which insurance companies would be interested in this service but, I believe some are interested.  As a note, I am targeted by the Webmob Godfather(s) primarily because I deemed their set ups void and I am exposing them.  I also have necrosis in my hip bones, but, hopefully my insurance company members can't be lured so that the Webmob Godfather(s) also can't make some kind of untraceable profit which then would create a monetary benefit at the same time and another reason the Webmob Godfather(s) would want me targeted for an infection injection (after a Webmob accident "on purpose" would lead me to the right hospital).
     It makes sense to me that the Webmob Godfather(s) always prepare for court and also prepare back up set ups in order to assure their illusions will not be questioned by the juror and in order to assure the Webmob will win any potential court case placed against any Webmob ally or member who uses the Webmob Insurance Policy against Lawsuits.  But as a reminder to those who may accept such Webmob services as the Webmob Inurance Policy against Lawsuits, the Webmob Godfather(s) character secretly gains a power over the very people who think they are being served.  Thus it would not surprise me if some of these lawsuits against the people who accept the service of the Webmob Insurance Policy against Lawsuits were set up by the Webmob Godfather(s) regarding a secret agenda.  There is always the illusion in every service the Webmob Godfather(s) offer in order to manipulate and control the very people accepting the service as well to manipulate and control the very members and bosses who serve the Webmob.  The Webmob Godfather(s) use everyone and make money in any way and every way possible.  There is no one with immunity to financial, physical, mental and emotional harm by the Webmob Godfather(s) because the Webmob Godfather(s) only have allegiance to themselves.

     If you feel like you are trapped in a tangled web of illusion, imagine what the targeted victim for murder feels like!   A victim targeted for death by the Webmob must unravel the truth in order to heal, assuming they survive the illusions and the attempted harm!


     I don't know how or where to begin or where to end here.  When something defies logic the process of acceptance includes a feeling that the brain is being short circuited.  A apologize before I continue.  I will give an example for now:  If the Webmob Godfather(s) want someone dead, it also makes sense that they would try to make money in the process and would maybe lure an insurance company into the picture if the insurance company could profit from the death of the targeted victim of the Webmob.  This scenario is further explained in the above section titled: The Webmob Godfather(s) Prepare to Control the Court System and Prepare to Control the Minds of the Jurors and Targeted Victims Before they Commit their Crimes.
     The Webmob Godfather(s) might also need to create an illusion so that their allies who would be used in the set up or who would find out about it would support the Webmob action.  It is possible that the Webmob Godfather(s) secretly create lawsuits in order to turn respected officials against the victim while making money in the court process.  Many officials may deem a victim a nuisance to society if the Webmob members have created enough set ups that allude the officials into believing that a Webmob targeted victim is a nuisance to society.  Some officials may deem a victim a nuisance to the city if they have a number of lawsuits.  Some officials may deem a citizen a nuisance if they are not making money for the city maybe because the city can not afford to pay whatever costs they are requited to pay.  I do not know the reasons but it also makes sense that the Webmob plants some of these reasons in the minds of targeted officials so that the officials will serve them.  Of course I can only make this up; but it does make sense to me that the illusions created by the Webmob Godfather(s) would include getting the support of the Webmob officials who will help in the set ups.  I am not ready to believe that most of the officials want a Totalitarian Government to replace our Democracy, which is why I believe illusions are also created to get the support of many officials.
     It is also possible that the Webmob Godfather(s) attempt to create lawsuits against the victim or create a lawsuit that forces the victim into a state of intense violation in order that the victim starts a lawsuit.  But this, too may be an illusion created to establish that other people hate the victim.  In this scenario, which creates a person or party that hates the victim, the Webmob Godfather(s) have probably been repeatedly unsuccessful in years of attempts to kill the victim using accidents "on purpose" for the infection injection.  Subsequently, after falling to successfully execute the mission to kill a victim via accident "on purpose" the Webmob Godfather(s) would create or force a lawsuit that established someone else hates the victim.  I have had experiences that have confirmed in my mind that the Webmob Godfather(s) wish to create some similar illusion, which the juror would perceive as someone else who might want to kill me (and that would create a reality that someone may wish to kill me), in order for the Webmob Godfathers can order a Webmob member to kill me violently.  It is all a confusing and twisted illusion.  This huge confusion of twisted webs makes it extraordinarily difficult to explain.  And I suspect that the existence of the Webmob underworld having developed over centuries seems illogical. But the Webmob Godfather(s) are masters at illusions and illusions are meant to defy logic; please, on behalf of humanity, please, please, think outside the box!


The Webmob Godfather(s) also know that people only have time for a normal percent of problems and stress in their lives.  Using many members and allies, the Webmob Godfather(s) can create set ups with intent to overload and overwhelm the victim. This overload and overwhelm technique can cause exhaustion and even break downs in their targeted victims, including loss of time for priorities and breakup of families.  This overload and overwhelm technique is also part of the techniques used for the victims targeted for insanity.  This overload and overwhelm technique is also a part of the unprovable harassment that assists the Webmob in settling selected court cases out of court.  The Webmob Godfather(s) also can create or force a victim into a lawsuit (all the while the Webmob court bosses and Webmob Godfather(s) are making money in the court system) to help overload and overwhelm the targeted victim.  This overload and overwhelm technique is also used as an unprovable harassment technique to rid of selected low rent tenants from their rental apartments.


     The Webmob sex trap, both male and female is commonly used with the ultimate intent to assist in the gradual break down of the targeted victim, mentally and emotionally, and to cause marital and or serious family problems with hopes that the family will break up.  The Webmob sex trap may begin after the targeted victim has been sufficiently drained by the other overload and overwhelm techniques.  A targeted victim who feels frustrated and alone is easier to lure and manipulate and control for the Webmob because when the targeted victim has a partner, they have moral support and mental strength.
     If necessary the Webmob Godfather(s) will use this sex trap technique to help prepare for court against a victim.  The sex trap technique can also be used to blackmail the victim into settling out of court.  And the sex trap technique can be used to blackmail the victim to stop the potential court case from ever going to court.
     If a Webmob landlord wants to rid of a low rent tenant, this sex trap technique can serve as blackmail if the tenant is married.
     It makes sense of my experiences that the Webmob Godfather(s) can control a percent of what jurors are selected for what court case.  I understand that it is hard, if not impossible to believe without direct experience.  And whatever does this have to do with the sex trap technique?  I know I am jumping here.  I have too much information and over time I may attempt to organize it all better and make it clear.  For now, please excuse me as I have moments where I just want to get the information out.  The sex trap technique includes the sex trap used in the courts, which is why I want to explain the courts further.  I have no idea what the percent is or how it is done.  It also makes sense to me that the Webmob Godfather(s) will attempt to get Webmob jurors who are commonly chosen as foreman for Webmob jury trials into their court cases.  Again, I have no clue as to how often this happens or how it is done.  But my point of this paragraph actually regards the Webmob Godfather(s) sex trap technique to add sex trap jurors into the percent of jurors that the Webmob Godfather(s) can get into selected court cases.  I feel I have to explain a bit about the Webmob court control here also in order for the reader to see a bigger picture.
     These sex trap jurors can lure and trap moral lawyers or moral judges.  These sex trap jurors can be used to lure and trap a targeted victim of the Webmob.  These sex trap jurors may also be ordered to attempt to start a fight with the juror who is the targeted victim of the Webmob in order to create a set up which is meant to help establish that the targeted victim is disruptive and disrespectful to the court process.  I am getting off the track here but I want to give you a better understanding of the specifics that might happen, confusing though they are.  Ultimately I should find a way to cut and paste and place much of this in the Webmob Court Control section but I can't find that option here.
    This may be hard to believe but if the the court officer is Webmob and the judge is Webmob, they can also attempt to help make the victim appear disrespectful.  As examples: a notebook, provided by the court to all jurors, belonging to another fellow juror, can be placed into the victims bag by the Webmob court security guard when the targeted victims bag goes through the x-ray security belt (sorry, I don't know what you call it); this is in hopes to deem the victim crazy or disrespectful to the court system (who would believe the victim?).  Another example is a Webmob court officer can know what I named the mortstare and focus this stare on the targeted victim from the back of the court room in hopes that the targeted victim will disrupt the court process.  Yet another example is: If the victim nods once because they are tired, the Webmob judge may take notice and document this, though this Webmob judge does not take notice of others doing the same; a possibility exists, though I am not saying this based on experience,  that some sedative could be placed in the targeted juror's drink they have in the jury room (I say this in hopes to prevent this possibility).  The victim juror's pencils, provided by the court to take notes in the jury trail room, can constantly disappear from the jury room during breaks, in hopes you will disrupt the jury by speaking at the wrong time to the adjacent juror.  There may also be both a sex trap Webmob juror and a Webmob foreman juror in a Webmob set up, as well as a Webmob court officer and a Webmob judge.  The Webmob foreman juror and the Webmob sex trap juror are possibly placed in one jury probably so that they can be asked to report on one another.  Now who is going to believe that?  Who can even absorb that tangled mess!  You can imagine what emotional horror and mental stress and post trauma that a patriot of democracy will experience if the patriot has even one of these experiences!  I don't have anything to loose to expose what I believe and what makes sense to me.  The worst society can do is call me crazy.  Even this is a step in the right direction because it would mean that the exposure has begun.  I can not help to heal society without exposing what makes sense to me.  And I believe that society will be doomed to die of fear if they sit in denial.
     Regarding what my unprofessional suggestion is to help stop the sex traps, I will apologize before I begin.  My suggestion will not be popular.  However it is the only solution I have been able to come up with.  Here is the possible scenario:  Centuries ago the Webmob Godfather(s) possibly studied what "Man" (meaning man and woman) could not tolerate.  Furthermore (as a long shot, but a possibility) the Webmob Godfather(s) may have studied what weaknesses in society they could help create which would assist their secret agenda to control democracy and ultimately to control mankind.   Correct me if I am wrong here but I think that sex experimentation outside a relationship was not always interpreted as a direct reflection against a spouse or a loved one.  What often is the case today is the mindset that: I can experiment, secretly, sexually and be in denial of my sex experimentation outside of my partner, but if my spouse experiments sexually this act is an intentional violation against me.  Something is wrong with this thinking.  Where did this ownership of a partner/spouse and complete attachment while in denial of self come from?  First of all, the great mind of the Buddhist will tell you that attachment is one of the evils of mankind.  Did the Webmob Godfather(s) manipulate the evils of mankind in order to use man's weaknesses for their higher agenda?  Did the human weaknesses of attachment and sexual ownership evolve over time and the Webmob Godfather(s) simply took advantage of the human weakness?  Did the Webmob Godfathers figure out what "Man" (meaning man and woman) refused to tolerate in order to create set ups that triggered a stressed state of mind in the targeted victim of the Webmob?   Would a stressed state of mind help to manipulate a targeted victim of the Webmob?  Could "Man" (meaning man and woman) be suckered into the control of the Webmob Godfather(s) using sex traps?  Did the Webmob Godfather(s), over centuries, actually assist in creating this unhealthy sexual expectation and attachment for their secret agenda to control democracy and ultimately to control mankind?  Of course I don't know but it could be.
     In either case, I believe the Webmob Godfather(s) are using society's sexual attachment and subsequent denial of sexual experimentation outside the marriage or partnership in order to help the Webmob to manipulate and control society.  Thus my only conclusion is to drop the attachment completely so that one does not take sexual experimentation as evil.  If "Man" (meaning man and woman) is no longer attached, the Webmob Godfather(s) can no longer blackmail us or break up our relationships with our partners or blackmail moral officials in our government or blackmail officials in our court systems or manipulate a jury so the jury does not like the targeted victim, and on and on.  As I said, I did not expect this to be a popular solution.  But please offer a solution as a replacement, if you can.


     Man as Devil, aka "Webmob Godfather(s) lure and control with temptations.  The Webmob Godfather(s) are capable of doing this because they are mammoth real estate owners and managers of property most probably throughout the world by now.  Plus the Webmob Godfather(s) have created illusions and services and temptations throughout the centuries and these illusions, services and temptations have lured millions of people into their control.  The people lured to serve Man as Devil are never forced to serve.  What the person agrees to do for the Webmob will be determined by their various degrees of morality.  Temptations include:  money, property or property privileges, jobs or job privileges or the lure of being placed in a higher position after X is accomplished.  Man as Devil's illusion of power also serves
     As a note, please remember that, relatively speaking, Man as Devil is not powerful, the power of Man as Devil and the temptations created by Man as Devil are but illusions to sucker society in order for Man as Devil to achieve their higher agenda, which is to control democracy and, ultimately the world.  The temptations and illusions were created to manipulate human limitation and to lure those sitting in their narcissistic nature of the brain.  In fact anyone who pursues omnipotent absolute control is out of control.  Anyone who is out of balance with "God" is powerless in the balance of things.  The Webmob Godfather(s) lost control the very minute they expected to control and take over humanity.  The Webmob Godfather(s) are powerless in the eyes of "God" and "God" shall have the last word.  Amen.
     Even the black magick of the Webmob Godfather(s) can be controlled, if we encourage a little help from the powers of the "light", meaning shaman, priests, priestesses, witches and magickal practitoners of the "light"-- along with prayers to the "God" of your knowing, I believe this power of the "light" can control the black magick of the Webmob Godfather(s).   True power is in balance with humanity and in respect of from whence we came, "God/spirit" and in balance with nature.  Finding this true power will help people to heal.  The Webmob Godfather(s) are cowards/bullies; what makes the Webmob Godfather(s) have power over society is that much of society has been suckered into the greatest hoax in the history of mankind: the illusions of the Webmob Godfather(s). 


     I have little to say here, just that I think that the Webmob drug underworld can provide a lot of illegal cash to the Webmob Godfather(s) and drug bosses as well as to the sellers.  Drugs may be sold in the storefronts the Webmob Godfather(s) manage or in the storefronts of other Webmob landlords who accept services from the Webmob Godfather(s).  Drugs may be stored in any building that accepts services from the Webmob Godfather(s).  Illegal cash can be used to provide vacations, offer gifts, pay for non-union construction workers to avoid taxes, to purchase more drugs and on and on-- I am just making this stuff up here.

     It is to the advantage of the Webmob Godfather(s) if much of society is dependent on some illegal drug.  It is probably easier to figure out how to manipulate and control the targeted victim as well as how to manipulate and control the Webmob member or ally if the targeted victim and Webmob member or ally are dependent on drugs.  It is probably helpful in luring the allegiance of many Webmob allies and members.
     The Webmob members will always be able to attain their chosen drugs whether or not drugs of any sort are legalized.  The difference is if drugs are legalized the cost of the drugs will go down and the taxes would have to be paid on the legal sales of drugs, which, in turn, would help our economy.  The question is would most of society go into excess and abuse the drugs to help escape from stress?  If this is the case, then the Webmob Godfather(s) would be able to lure, manipulate and control even more people.  ???


     Fear is used as a factor in all of the Webmob Godfather(s) techniques.  What is interesting is the Webmob bosses and Webmob Godfather(s) seem to all be bred to be bullies.  All bullies are cowards acting out their own insecurities and fears.  Thus the Webmob power and fear technique itself is but an illusion!  If society did not feed into the Webmob Godfather(s) illusion of fear, the moral majority would control and democracy could remain.  But that means the moral majority would have to give up their nature to be submissive to authority; and the moral majority would have to give up their nature to think of themselves and their comforts and needs over the greater needs of the whole.
     The Webmob will find out what all victims and members fear and how to manipulate them.  They will use their computer allies who act as Big Brother for the Webmob to help, along with many other sources.  The Webmob will know your limitations and your weakness, they will know what you buy, where you go and what to steal, they will know how and when to manipulate you financially-- unless you protect yourself and cover your ground and are willing to leave paper trails when necessary in order to prevent being violated.  The Webmob will manipulate and use any these things to cause fear of the Webmob power in order to control the individual.  The Webmob may create false friends to help in the Webmob set ups against you.  But remember that if you accept the possibility that the Webmob exists, their illusions and allies have far less power because you can take precautions and prepare yourself.
     A part of the fear illusion is that the Webmob Godfather(s) create an illusion of control over important authority figures.  The only thing that the Webmob Godfather(s) control is the illusion of control over authority.  The Webmob Godfather(s) have lured and manipulated many respected authority figures who are also under the illusion that the Webmob Godfather(s) are all powerful and are to be feared.  This confusion of power is due to the controlling, anti-democratic services offered by the Webmob Godfather(s).  The Webmob Godfather(s) ultimate intent is to create an illusion to take over democracy by offering services that make many officials and authority figures more comfortable in order to sucker the respected American authority figures into serving the Webmob over Democracy.  (This Webmob Godfather(s) attempt of take over is likely done throughout the world by now but I am focusing on America here).
     The Webmob Godfather(s) are well aware that these respected American officials are only seeing the Webmob services which make their lives more comfortable. The Webmob Godfather(s) are well aware that these respected American officials are not considering Democracy or the country as a whole because it is the nature of the brain to think first of ourselves.  My theory is that the Webmob Godfather(s) knew the nature of the brain is narcissistic and the nature of the brain will first select what is best for the small picture, the job and the comfort of the individual targeted.  I surmise that the targeted authority figures are rarely privy to the information that the services these targeted authority figures accept are really about a greater illusion.  I believe this greater illusion will prove to serve the ultimate intent of the Webmob Godfather(s)on behalf of their secret agenda, to lure important people away from democracy and to create a worldwide Totalitarian government.
     The Webmob Godfather(s) only have power if society feeds into the Webmob Godfather(s) illusion and thus society becomes a part of the illusion.  Fear would cease if the truth were accepted because society would rise up and support reality and stop the suppression of humanity instead of living an illusion.  Fear would also cease if one studied the nature of fear itself.  Wake up America!  Rise to reality!


More and more people are moving into greed and indulgence.  Excess is common.  The world is moving into darkness.  It is as though greed has become a vice for stress and imbalance.  One can not heal until one accepts Truth and moves into balance with the "God" of their knowing.

The way I look at it is without humanity we have nothing.  With the demise of democracy will come the demise of mankind.  Please do not accept strange requests or unnatural offers that give you comfort or help your individual needs.  You or your family may very well be the next target in another way; don't allude yourself into thinking these evil people like you, they only want to use you and make money from you in any way and every way they can.  The mentality of the Webmob is if they can gain a power over you they win.  Please be aware of the human nature and limitations abused by the Webmob.  Don't give in to your limitations and don't let the Webmob come into your life.  And if you can take just a moment and think beyond yourself and the needs and comforts of your family, you will see that, by serving the Webmob, the greater needs for the survival of mankind will be sacrificed by your ignorance.  Each individual makes a difference.  Without the lure and manipulation of lower members most upper Webmob members and bosses could not exist.  Please question, disagree, act and speak out, America, and don't sell the future of your children short!

AI. Introduction to the Webmob

AI.  Introduction to the Webmob
06/2008 The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA. The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA.  The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Prepare for Court Before they Commit their Crimes

The Gateway to Rebirth

The Gateway to Rebirth
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The Messenger
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V. A Promise to America

V.  A Promise to America
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Va. A Promise to America

Va.  A Promise to America
WE not me!

Vb. A Promise to America

Vb.  A Promise to America
WE not me!