Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?

Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?
The Raven, a messenger, brings the darkness of Truth into our lives. We must go into this darkness to find "God's" light, which will be the gateway to rebirth. Do not fear the darkness! Focus on the light!

Death Row Tenant describes a mammoth Real Estate criminal underworld: the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Underworld.


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I. The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members

I.  The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members
The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV.  The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Not shrunk to fit: for those who want a close up view.




I am just going to brainstorm here so please excuse the random or irregular thoughts.

I have created conclusions that make sense of over sixteen years of various experiences.  Due to my many experiences which include my fight or flight instinct and or spiritual experiences combined with physical experience, it is confirmed in my mind that I am targeted to be killed by orders of the Webmob Godfather(s) using their elimination techniques which can not be proven and leave no trail.

I will try to create the reasons as to why I am targeted to be killed, that make sense of my experiences, to me.  I understand that it is easier to deem me crazy than to believe that society has been manipulated and lured to live in the "illusion compilation scheme" created by the Webmob Godfathers and to be under the power of what I believe to be Man as Devil aka Webmob Godfathers. I must be cautious as the Webmob Godfather(s) are masters at law and have many Webmob lawyers and judges and allies to help serve them and assist in set ups against targeted victims.  Thus I limit these conclusions.

I vaguely remember mentioning some information (regarding why I think I am targeted to be killed by the Webmob Godfather(s) members) in past posts but I am singling out my conclusions to enable the Table of Contents to have a title specifically to find this information.  I apologize if I repeat myself.  I do not specifically know what I wrote in the past and I must remind the reader that I am constantly evolving and developing my conclusions to make sense of my experiences, thus my explanations may be modified or developed.  And on second thought, maybe I subconsciously need to write more about myself as like a reaching out to humanity in hopes to help society accept Truth, as I believe it, in order for society to heal.  Please do not fear truth.  Question what others believe but do not condemn them and do not live in denial or in the illusion created by the Webmob Godfathers.  There can be no freedom without Truth.  And if I am not be accepted as possibly having a sane and legitimate point of view, there is nothing I write that can be accepted.  Therefore, if I am not accepted, I can not help society and, also, my time and writings are useless to society.  Though, I must add that my time in writing these posts is never useless to me for it helps me to maintain mental balance to figure out my beliefs and attempt to write and release my beliefs in an understandable manner with clear language, as well as these writings serve as hope that certain officials and some people are secretly reading these posts and these posts are already helping society.  I need no credit, I only wish to help.

As a note, my goal is not to make money, as a matter of fact, this rarely ever enters my mind, except when I think about what other people might conclude.  I only reserved the right to make money so someone else could not make money on my time and efforts to expose Truth as I believe it and experience it.  I have not made money for my family for over twenty years and thus I also must reserve this right to make money on their behalf, if I could, even though making money was never and will never be my priority and never will be a part of what drives me.  This work is a part of my calling to serve and to expose Truth.  Truth is freedom and one should not run from Truth nor deny Truth and hide like an ostrich with its head in the sand; but instead confront it, ask questions, and find peace with it and know that God's is far stronger than Man as Devil, if only you choose God.

I must confess that I am also a clumsy writer, I move away from the subject quite easily, I think, but basically I hope I am understandable.  I am clumsy with language and I can be a clumsy speaker in that I have a limited vocabulary and limited writing skills compared to great writers.  The cause of my writing limitation is lack of reading novels and books throughout my life.  This is also why I may write many sentences that are not exactly clear; maybe this is sometimes called a misplaced modifier, I am not sure.  I am always searching for words as I write and I, due to my limited vocabulary, may select a word that comes to my mind that really does not accurately describe what I mean.  I know I should go back and go through all the posts to make them say exactly what I mean but my priority is to get the information out as fast as I can.  I am trying hard to start a business now, with many complications and little money.  I apologize for the parts of my sentences that mislead or are clumsy (I somehow believe people are reading these posts)!  If anyone ever challenges or criticizes something that I wrote, first I would greatly appreciate and welcome any criticism that welcomes communication and explanation, plus I could then focus on whether this criticism or challenge was due to a clumsy writing problem or lack of time to develop my thought!

Getting back to why I believe I am a targeted victim for intent to kill by the Webmob Godfather(s), I must try to explain again, though I think I have touched on this in an earlier post.  But it may be important to note that I do not know, specifically, who the Webmob Godfather(s) are or how many Webmob Godfather(s) or Webmob bosses there are.  Furthermore if one huge Real Estate Corporation or more than one huge Real Estate Corporation began the Webmob (or by any other name), and then landlords and management companies, and on and on, accepted the services, the jobs and or the property of the huge real estate corporation(s), it could get very confusing and complicated over the decades (centuries?) regarding who controls what and who caused what.  This is one reason you must be patient with the patriots who serve Democracy in our cities and government.  They did not cause the problem, greed and imbalance in society caused the problem.  Be very careful to whom you blame!

My head is spinning as I try to unravel the tangled webs.  It never made sense for me to expose my experiences because I had no core and no society who believed that the Webmob Godfather(s) exist to create illusions and control society.  Until I can describe and establish the core, meaning the existence of the Webmob Godfather(s) illusions, I have no chance for society to believe my seemingly unexplainable experiences.  This is why I could not speak and put what I experienced into words.  It was like a double edged sword, if I spoke I would be ostracized by the very people I loved and respected or in the very least I would feel accepted but not believed.  I am going to try again because I think I have made my conclusions more clear and have given reason that the Webmob might exist.  This is a movement forward and is encouraging me to try to explain more.  The order of events may not be accurate and I may not remember every event today so the list may well not be complete.
1.     Before a family lawsuit, I came to see parallels in my experiences which lead to the belief that those whom appeared to me to act like the Webmob Godfathers I later created, were trying to set things up and make the targeted victim appear to have caused the problem or to look immoral before reasons for a law suit ever even developed or felt forced.  Plus this mafia, which I later call an underworld, always seemed to prepare for court before they commit their crimes.  During the same law suit, which was ultimately settled out of court, so many strange events were happening and they never ended, just escalated after the death of our landlord.  Thus it came to make sense to me that there was nothing else that made sense of what felt like a mafia with all those allies willing to be a part of trying to drive me crazy; and later still others, causing me to be targeted to be killed.  In the beginning of the strange events, with each experience I I would leave a written response, a paper trail that I later concluded deemed (what felt to me to be like a mafia attempting to create set ups against me) the "Webmob Godfathers'" powerless, thus eliminating every member and every ally and every plan set up against me.  It felt to me like a mafia ordered the attempted setups against me.  This emasculated what I came to name the Webmob Godfather(s) and deemed them powerless in the eyes of all who participated in the ordered set ups.  Of course I don't know precisely who the Godfather or Godfather's are who I believe want me killed or from what powerful company or organization he/she/them are affiliated with, but I certainly do not believe that our buildings management company workers want me killed or driven insane and ditto for our buildings landlord!  I can only try to explain the events happening, not explain precisely who is/are the Webmob Godfathers.  But when my landlord died it felt like a huge escalation and the beginning of being a top target with serious attempts to set up my murder by accident on purpose, or anything that appears to be natural death, and later psychic attacks.  It felt like night and day, it seemed like the mafia, which I later came to name an underworld because of their huge connections, wanted to tie up old strings and show the power after the landlord died.  I can only attempt to make sense of what I experience and put two and two together.  I believe that I am alive because I have an acute fight or flight instinct which triggers a horrible feeling that something evil is trying to happen at the time it is happening.  In the beginning my brain would fight the instinct but ultimately, what I experience as the spirit's power, wins over the denial in my brain.  And regarding writing letters and leaving a mammoth paper trail.  Paper trails are what I believe to be one of the Webmob Godfather(s) fears and weaknesses because the Webmob Godfather(s) or their Webmob lawyers can not deny or create an illusion using their various set ups and many allies with intent to confuse the facts (and the jury) when the facts are left in a paper trail by the victim.
2.     As I experienced being a victim selected by the Webmob Godfather(s) to be targeted for insanity while my landlord was still alive, before I was selected to be targeted with intent to kill, after my landlord's death, I came to believe murder was never an option so long as the landlord was live.  While the landlord was alive, I do not know who made the decisions or had the control but what I experienced is Webmob set ups and illusions which serve to overwhelm the victim and deem them powerless and, ultimately to drive the victim insane, using society to assist in alienating their targeted victims and condemning them as crazy.  I am going to try to remember the more of the basic order of events, though I think the specifics as well as the order need to be recalled as I relive the events over time.  Please keep in mind that the conclusions I write are based on what makes sense of my experiences as well as my recollection, and there is a difference between my logic and my Knowing.  Logic is of the brain and can explain facts, whereas fight or flight experiences, and spiritual experiences have no facts, but are Truth beyond facts, which is a form of Knowing where the brain has no involvement.  Thus regarding experiences that have no facts, those experiences can never be rationally explained and finding words for something that has no words is illogical.

However, in the beginning of this writing that I add to my blog site, this was a healing process for me to attempt to untangle the missing links that had no logical connections in my brain as well as to free myself from holding in the information and becoming sick.  Now, at the end of 2011, years have past, and I no longer fight the spirit or my fight or flight information.  And I learned to celebrate, not go into post trauma after the horrifying events that had no logical connection to facts.  I found God and His light and spiritual comfort.  I now only wish good things even for the Webmob Godfathers, even when they are trying to set up my accidental death or natural death scenario (though with me they may be forced to select a violent death via a crazy person, etc, because their insanity techniques did not work and their accidents on purpose have not yet been successful, and their psychic attacks have not yet caused me a heart attack and I have not been to the hospital where the possibility of getting a infection injection is possible.  I was falsely diagnosed with Lymphodema, the doctor saying my chest was swollen when it was not and I said he must be looking at my boob, that my chest was not swollen then or ever; but the doctor still wrote it down.  I had a very hard time getting the records and then was so horrified because I couldn't prove it, though my main Doctor is aware that I never had Lymphodema or a swollen chest.  I do have osteonicrosis of the hip bones, which basically means death of the hip bones.  There is a lot of money to be made in deaths and the Webmob Godfathers' have no humanity and have no allegiance to anyone or any country; if they gain something over you or anyone they win.  Whether money be made from corrupt landlords with low rent tenants or corrupt insurance companies who do not want to pay for the recovery costs or possibly even to reduce the over populated areas because cities no longer have money to handle all the people or whatever, selecting people to eliminate for the gain of one company or person or another, is a huge business.  It is successful because of the illusions created that cause the deaths leave no connection to anyone.

I heard on TV that the Bible can be interpreted as saying that Man as Devil kills one third of the population of the world.  I believe that it is happening NOW.  The selection process has begun.

I saw a piece of a TV show about Bin Laden, after he was killed.  It said something to the effect that someone captured a man connected to Bin Laden.  The captured man was water-boarded but didn't talk and then after the creation of an illusion which made him believe that he was sent to a country that would torture him terribly, for some reason he began to talk.  The captured man gave three names and addresses of three of Bin Laden's close connections.  Within one week all three of those men were dead.  The first died after being hit by a vehicle.  The second died due to a heart attack.  And the third was found in the middle of a dessert, and had died of thirst.  To me a possibility would be that the vehicle was an accident on purpose; the heart attack a psychic attack, and the last man found in the dessert who died of thirst, could have been the technique of anything that appears to be a natural death.  Of course this could be a coincidence.  However, I think that if our country was offered these services by the underworld, if they didn't accept those services, other countries would accept them (and maybe do because if the underworld I believe in is doing this, they have no allegiance whatsoever).  And, in addition, how can any country come to control something like the underworld if one does not become at least somewhat a part of it, in order to understand the secrets?  It is very complicated here.  One must be very very careful regarding who to blame and who to condemn; and one must choose compassion at every option.  I have no question that our government makes choices that are in the best interest of Democracy.  They are as great as the greatest patriots that ever lived.  I would guess that our government has a few good tricks up their sleeves themselves planned against the underworld expansion and that our government will continue to attempt to protect We the People and Democracy.  But if people fight against the very people who are serving Democracy, this is counterproductive.  Please be nice to these patriots.  I beg of you, please do not blame our patriots or the patriots of our government for what they can not do or for what they can not protect for they are NOT responsible for the development of the underworld!  It is greed, narcissism, indulgence and lack of balance with the God of our knowing that is responsible!!!  The brain and spirit must be balanced.  Man's brain is NOT God, though our spirits are percent God.  People must move away from materialistic wealth and move toward humanity.

What I feel sad about is that people will not always support the truth so this makes it difficult for our government to set the people free with the truth.  Truth is freedom and you can not have freedom without truth which is why I reach out with what I believe is my calling to expose the truth.  But this might very well be complicated for our government when people are not ready.  Making people ready for truth and keeping them non-violent, preferably compassionate, is a huge job!!!

Interesting thoughts and momentary flashbacks:

Webmob events to prepare for court
During court proceedings I did not experience any "intent to kill" set up ordered, only intent to drive insane or at least to establish the victim is both unstable and unreliable and, an irresponsible witness in order to create an illusion that could lure a jury to choose a verdict against the Webmob's targeted victim.
b.  Court case settled out of court
A credit card was stolen from both my husband and I and I believe these numbers were gathered via a land line phone.  I beleive many land lines are tapped.

Health and medical records violated


Horrifying events start occuring around me which I could not logically comprehend, nor, of course, explain. As an example, I took pictures of chilleated asbestos, and those photos disappeared from the photo shop and the only way I believe this could have happened is if the land line was tapped which is how my husband released the name of the photo shop to me.  Plus then the records disappeared.

Personal items that are you are attached to are stolen after questions are asked about how close you are to those items.  Questions are asked about if you still have your Wedding Dress, or who gave you that coat and what does it mean to you?  Much later, after several items were stolen that questions were asked about, I concluded that it made sense that these items were used to connect to my subconscious and assist in the psychic attacks.

Slowly, the victim is exposed to the mass numbers of allies creating set ups against the victim.  Many of these allies have respected positions and this will help to break the victim down in such a way that the very foundation of the society the victim thought existed feels corrupted, and no one believes the victim.  Some delivery personal, some cable workers, computer techs, plumbers, lawyers, bankers, insurance personal, doctors, psychiatrists, some doing little things, or just having medicine disappear that you need, things around you violated or stolen without any logical connection to anything and therefore no facts to explain or to sound sane; and some much more horrifying things.

The world feels like a twilight zone to a targeted victim of the Webmob Godfathers.

Set ups will be attempted after the victim has been mentally tortured and in a vulnerable and even desperate state of mind, such as the sex trap to weaken the family with intent to cause divorce-- even though I never fell for it, it is a mental torture to know these scenarios are being created all the time against you, and knowing it is fake-- it is much different having a man attracted to a woman and a man who is paid to approach a woman-- I know!  This "insanity" technique may also be used for a percent of low rent tenants but never so many that the illusion would not be believed, the underworld limits their illusions so middle class will fall for the illusion!

I experienced horrifying fight or flight imminent danger so many times that there was NO question in my mind that someone was (and is) trying to kill me.  After the fight or flight instinct I often saw things that confirmed the danger to me.  Bikes, car, bus events, skate boards, stairs, free weights, dog with leash that swings around your legs from behind, and sometimes I get no logical visuals that confirm imminent danger but I know from years of these experiences to follow my instinct and "disappear".

Events after doctor and dental appointments, A sense of needing to disappear (wearing plain common clothes, jeans, hoodie, cap, sneakers and changing three things (the Webmob uses the number three to create their illusions against middle class and their targeted victims), but always always change your bag).

When swiping a business credit card or any credit card, I experienced that I can be found within a couple hours.  And-- don't go to the movie theater afterwards-- that is an obvious pattern people do and can be a big mistake for a targeted victim!

Targeted victims need to beware of land lines they speak on.
Targeted victims need to beware of emailing where or when they are doing something.
The internet workers could be called the "Big Brother" or Man as Devil's "Best Friend" (doesn't the Bible say Man as Devil find a powerful best friend to give it world wide power?)
Targeted victims need to beware of information stored on some computers.

Businesses must watch themselves also from the inside as that is where the Webmob often infects, causing one problem and benefits another.

The Webmob Godfathers' want middle class as their slaves.  They want them in debt so they are easier to control.  They want them to loose their homes so that the Webmob Godfathers' control the property.  They want middle class and lower class business' to fail so that they can control the jobs and lure the people who have them.  They likely do not support abortion so they can make more money making people disappear and controlling people.  They want an overpopulation!  They want no health care so people are more desparate and can be more easily controled.  The Webmob Godfathers want to control how much taxes the city gets because they want to control the cities and the great people and workers in the cities.  They want to control the courts and the laws and the politicians via services, property and the control of jobs.  It is all an illusion compilation scheme!   Don't blame the wrong people who are trying to help!  I believe that it is middle and lower class that are targeted as slaves!!!!

 Health Insurance companies, doctors, psychiatrists, on and on-- greed and narcissism did it, NOT the patriots of our government.

Cell phones;  in my experience the Webmob knows who calls me and who I call but does not know what is said.
As a target, I would be uncomfortable using a mapping device that shows where I am or locates which turn to take next or which route to take.

Webmob members have many times following me to find out where I go in order to know a pattern: the Webmob can not harm me if I have no patterns, meaning what coffee shop I go to, where I go, how I get there or when I go (even if a pattern or tradition is once a year I must take precautions)

Followers often get in the back of a bus while I would get in the front.

Doormen and security guards, theater ticket sellers can be members.  Know that all members are not bad people.  Some live in fear and just want to keep their jobs.

Psychic attack information that has worked so far for me (and I have had hundreds of psychic attacks):  breathe out heavy like you are lifting a heavy weight-- don't know why.  I held a mirror on my chest and was stabbed on my side.  Mirrors, cut glass, clear cut crystals, prisms all may help, especially if moved in front of your body when the attack occurs.  Also all psychic attacks follow a straight line for some reason.  I can get away from them by turning a corner or going into another room, though the attack can find me, I can then get another break by going to another corner.

Societies limitations and fears are used to help the victim feel ostricised by the very people they love and wish to reach.  Acceptance of truth is freedom, it truly is.  You can not have freedom without truth.

God Bless America!

I apologize for any incomplete thoughts or unfinished paragraphs and misspellings or poor language.  I have little time and rushed through this!

AI. Introduction to the Webmob

AI.  Introduction to the Webmob
06/2008 The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA. The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA.  The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Prepare for Court Before they Commit their Crimes

The Gateway to Rebirth

The Gateway to Rebirth
Love, Light, Unite!

The Messenger

The Messenger
Love, Light, Unite!

V. A Promise to America

V.  A Promise to America
WE not me!

Va. A Promise to America

Va.  A Promise to America
WE not me!

Vb. A Promise to America

Vb.  A Promise to America
WE not me!