Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?

Dead Raven Found by "Messenger"?
The Raven, a messenger, brings the darkness of Truth into our lives. We must go into this darkness to find "God's" light, which will be the gateway to rebirth. Do not fear the darkness! Focus on the light!

Death Row Tenant describes a mammoth Real Estate criminal underworld: the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Underworld.


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I. The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members

I.  The Internal Membership Structure of the Webmob: The Godfathers, Bosses and Members
The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

II. The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

II.  The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Offer Services, Including: An Insurance Policy Against Lawsuits

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV.  The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IV. The Anti-American Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
Not shrunk to fit: for those who want a close up view.



Murder masqueraded as a natural death is a technique of the Webmob Godfathers

Do not fear, for if one dwells on fear, one is sitting in narcissism.  To accept Truth by facing the "darkness" is simply a movement toward "God's" light, without which there can be no rebirth. 

I am going to attempt to untangle a very complicated and twisted web of evil.  The following relates to the sequence of harm perpetrated against me, as I recollect and believe it (without going into specifics).  The conclusions are based on my many years of various experiences (I think over seventeen years).  I created what I named the "Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia" aka Man as Devil because I felt a calling to put together my many years of experiences with "strange happenings".

FIRST the Webmob Godfathers' targeted victim may experience the Webmob attempt to gather information about you.  This can range from what you fear, your health and mental limitations, places you frequent and the streets you frequently walk or the method of transportation used, to your drivers license number and on and on.  Due to my many years of various experiences, it makes sense to me that the Webmob Godfathers have a mass computer location where the information is gathered to be used as needed.  The information gathered can be used to figure out how to harm the targeted victim mentally, physically, financially and or emotionally, though the attempt to gain financially in one way or another will likely target most people, even though their is no direct connection to the Webmob.  This is not to say that there are not many other smaller, publicly known mafias and independent criminals as well as terrorist plots that add confusion:  What is a Webmob plot and what is not?  I do not know; I only know what I experience and what makes sense to conclude due to my experiences.

The methods of gathering information may vary.  Webmob members may steal purses on the street or in the lockers of a City Health Club or Webmob members can listen to tapped land line phones to gather credit card numbers to sell-- and on and on.  Computer software Webmob allies can gather personal photos and information useful to the Webmob bosses and Godfathers even if the internet is never installed on a computer.  The Webmob Internet Allies can gather information on your interests in order to manipulate or blackmale you or can gather information on what you buy, where you go and when you are there-- and on and on.  Rental apartment building Webmob Superientendents and Webmob tenant spies can be used to gather information about you or used to create set ups against you.  Webmob Superintendent and Webmob maintenance men and tenant spies can be given a license to steal from the tenants in a Webmob building who are not Webmob.  These Webmob Superintnedents or Webmob maintenance men and or Webmob tenant spies can directly steal from the tenant victims, sometimes with the help of a security camera in the building to gather information of when the tenant is in their rental apartment and when the tenant is out.  Though any one victim may not be targeted often, awareness can prevent many problems from happening.  Webmob Superintendents and Webmob maintenance men and Webmob tenant spies can also assist in creating set ups against you in various ways such as asking where you are going or how you get there-- and on and on.

SECOND, a victim may experience a sense that set ups are created which force the victim to react in an angry way.  If the Webmob victim is experiencing a large number of strange events, far beyond a percent which is normal, which confuse and make the victim angry, the victim may be experiencing what the Webmob Godfathers create in order to gather information in their mass computer against their victims all to prepare for court before they commit their crimes.  The Webmob Godfathers know your weaknesses and limitations and will attempt to create many set ups to make you angry in order to manipulate a jury and to help turn a jury against the victim. 

THIRD:  Societies limitations and weaknesses will be used to select the set ups against the Webmob victim in order to use society against the Webmob victim as well as to manipulate a jury before a crime has ever even been committed.  Sex traps are common.  When a Webmob victim is overloaded and overwhelmed and family and loved ones think the victim has developed paranoid and psychological problems, the targeted victim can feel desperate and accept the relief of an affair, which is actually a sex trap created by the Webmob bosses.  The exposure of this affair can cause divorse and more turmoil as well as be used as blackmail against the Webmob victim or can be used to manipulate a jury to be against the Webmob victim.  Society will naturally, and understandably, be in denial that the true victim is society.  As the victim feels lonely and needs a community to turn to, and society has deemed the victim inappropriate, to say the least, the victim can go into depression.  Subsiquently, the fact that the victim is unable to explain the horror of the Webmob set ups, and along with society's rejection of the victim, will be used by the Webmob Godfathers and bosses in order to help drive the targeted victim insane.

FOURTH:  The fourth Webmob Godfather technique is to overload and overwhelm the victim.  This can be done with the use of many Webmob members and allies.  The set ups can include an overwhelming number of problems, far greater than what is the normal percent of problems, the problems ranging from somewhat stressful to highly stressful but the technique includes a persistence in the overload set ups.  The Webmob Godfathers know that when one is pushed beyond their limits, one can no longer keep their priorities balanced and one can no longer keep their limitations and weaknesses in check.  What I experienced was a gradual mental breakdown.  Sadly, I lost patience with my young son and it took over a decade to balance out the family problems the intense overload caused.  I thank "God" for giving me that time.  There is no question in my mind that the overload and overwhelm I experienced was due to the Webmob Godfather's intent to break me down and ultimately to drive me insane.  There is no question in my mind that the Webmob Godfathers get off on torturing their victims in any and every way possible so long as their are no leads to the Webmob Godfathers.

It seems that the basic tangled web which always masquerades the Truth as something other than what it really is while always preventing the full facts that establishes the total Truth, which would lead to the Webmob Godfathers orders, is as follows: 

A.  The Webmob Godfather(s) select the targeted victim.
B.  The Webmob bosses below the Webmob Godfathers create the set ups against the targeted victim chosen by "A", the Webmob Godfathers, ofcourse, with the approval of the Webmob Godfathers.  These "B" Webmob bosses use lower Webmob bosses, who do not personally know the Webmob Godfathers and who may be chosen because they live near the targeted victim.  These lower bosses may also be asked to help in the creation of the set ups by the "B" Webmob bosses.  To avoid confusion I simply keep these Webmob bosses in one category, the "B" category.
C.  There may be one to several lowest Webmob soldiers-- who execute or attempt to execute their part of any one order from Webmob boss "B".  These soldiers are not only the tortured souls, the crazy people and the scum of the streets taken in as soldiers by Webmob bosses "B" and manipulated by channeling and releasing their tortured anger and ordering the tortured anger to be targeted on the Webmob victims.  These soldiers can be workers of respected corporations, departments, organizations and/or on and on.  These respected member of society who are also Webmob soldiers are more easily looked up to as "false witnesses" of a crime in court in order to help sway and manipulate a jury.  I will call the lowest Webmob soldier members: Webmob soldier "1", soldier "2" and soldier "3".  Soldier "1", soldier "2" and soldier "3" never know each other personally.  The number of Webmob soldiers use depends on the skills of the victim and the necessary number of Webmob members needed to guarantee a cover up of the True intent as well as to prepare for court in order to manipulate the jury.  The Webmob bosses always prepare for court.  The Webmob bosses THINK court and PLAN court before they commit their crimes. 

As a hypothetical example, say Webmob soldier "1", Webmob soldier "2" and Webmob soldier "3" are used to attempt to execute the set up against the targeted victim.  Proof of intentional or "accidental" harm-- financially, physically, mentally or emotionally-- is limited to the Webmob soldier who succeeds in the order to harm the victim, intentionally or "accidentally"-- financially, physically, mentally or emotionally-- assuming this Webmob soldier gets caught at all.   A conspiracy could not --apparently-- be believable unless Webmob soldier "1" and Webmob solder "2" and Webmob solder "3" knew each other because the final part of the harm ordered by solder "3" is set up so that without what Webmob solder "2" did and without what Webmob soldier "1" did, what "3" did could have never happened.  A conspiracy can never be established because one would have to first prove that Webmob soldier "1", Webmob soldier "2" and Webmob soldier "3" knew each other in order for "intent to harm as a conspiracy" to be established.  As a conspiracy can not be proven-- or even believed unless it can be proven that these several low Webmob members knew each other, there is never a link to the Webmob bosses.  Thus if Webmob soldier "1" or Webmob soldier "2" or Webmob Soldier "3" gets caught or admits their "accident" or individual intent to harm, the Webmob set up is still successful as there are no facts to establish intentional harm as a conspiracy which leads to the Webmob bosses and ultimately to the Webmob Godfathers.  This is very confusing and bewildering to experience these unprovable events.  Society, democracy, the courts and the jury are ultimate victim because we are being manipulated with tangled webs, so twisted that the logic of our brains can not comprehend truth.

Breakdown.  Loss of ability to keep yourself in check.  Loss of patience.

FIFTH:  A fifth Webmob technique, which may well be combined with some of those techniques listed above, is the "Mortstare", in which the perpetrator of the "Mortstare" uses a primal evil energy by going into a deep focus and stare that triggers and releases a primal evil energy.  Tormented souls get off on releasing this power over Webmob victims.  Tormented souls can be found in all walks of life and the Webmob bosses draw these tormented souls into the Webmob control.  I believe that only tormented souls are capable of doing the "Mortstare" because the "Mortstare" intent is to harm someone who is not in the process of harming them and who has never harmed them in any way.   In my experience, this evil energy causes the heart to race and instills a feeling of terror without any logic or facts, as the perpetrator is likely someone the victim has never met.  Thus the victim can not succesfully turn to our government or to doctors or to society because there are no facts or proof of harm or even a reason for the intent to harm.  Society is also used here against the victim because the victim will appear crazy-- which causes the victim to feel lonely, alienated and sometimes ostricided.  As there are so very many Webmob allies, many who may be highly respected in the eyes of the victim, these many allies are used to slowly torture and expose the immense size and power of the Webmob Godfather's tangled webs.  With no where to turn, the victim can become overwhelmed and will likely, over time, be driven insane or in the very least be deemed crazy, even by loved ones. 

SIXTH:  The Webmob Godfather(s) need to create set ups which appear to prove the victim is mentally unstable or crazy.
As the experiences of the targeted victim have no logical facts that lead to the Webmob Godfathers, a certain percentage of psychiatrists and doctors may be convinced or pressured to be a part of the Webmob doctors and psychiatrists in order that the doctor or psychiatrist get less problems from certain Webmob Health Insurance Companies.  The doctors or psychiatrists may also want the security of the Webmob service of the Webmob Insurance Policy against lawsuits.  The ultimate victim here, again, is humanity and society. 

For some time I thought about what incentives a doctor or psychiatrist might have to want to join the Webmob.  Being subpeonaed as a professional doctor or psychiatrist for court cases will problably pay higher than a day in the office for a doctor or psychiatrist.  Also, having their name on a special doctors list, of doctors who will support one another in their diagnosis to some extent may give incentive and a feeling of security to some doctors.  When one can not get caught for doing something immoral, it may be easier for some people to accept the priviledge, backup and power one gets in return for falsifying a Webmob targeted victim's records.  Or these Webmob doctors or psychiatrists may be tempted to join because the special list their name is one is more readily available to clients and brings more work and money.  Also, possibly, the doctors/psychiatrists may receive gifts or priveledges, property, rental space, or other, which may be enough to affect a predetermined general type of diagnosis chosen which, in some way would deem the victim as having psychological problems causing the terror the victim is experiencing.  Insanity of the targeted victim is a technique of the Webmob Godfathers in order to stop Truth from being exposed.  Societies terror of the victims experiences is used against the victim to help drive the victim insane.

I must note a consistent experience.  I sensed and experienced attempted set ups to harm me or kill me many many times and many years after doctors appointments.  I came to believe, after analysing many experiences, that the Webmob is able to find out who calls you on your cell phone and who you call on your cell phone and when and how long you speak, though the Webmob never knows what is said on the cell phone.  I came to also believe that the Webmob infects doctors offices even if the doctor is extraordinarily moral and will not directly participate in the Webmob or accept any of the Webmob services.  I came to believe that many land lines are tapped in this city.  I also came to believe that the only way a set up could have been planned for after some of my doctor/dental visits was if some Health or Dental Insurance Company's member(s) passed on information about my appointment (of course not knowing that the intent to use the disclosed information  was actually to assist in the first of a series of accidents on purpose which were to, somehow, lead to my "natural or accidental" death).  What I experienced after many doctor appointments was that I was followed and had to learn how to disappear (meaning wearing common clothes and changing three things, but always my bag) or confuse and loose the person following me in order to prevent the Webmob member following me to cue in on a pattern I have, a street I am walking down, a coffee shop I stop at, etc. in order that a set up to harm me can be created in a location away from the doctors office.  I could have easily been harmed right outside a doctors office and it never happened.  After years of these experiences, I concluded that the Webmob Godfathers did not want the doctors or Webmob members working within the doctors office to know what was really happening.  The Webmob Godfathers do not want their lower members to know the horrifying truth of the Webmob Godfathers' intent to mentally, physically, financially or emotionally harm their innocent victims (their families, their children or they can be next).  Due to my many experiences, it makes sense to me that the Webmob Godfather's do not want their lower members or their Webmob doctors to know the Webmob Godfathers' ultimate intent is Totalitarian control.  Wthout these "helpers" and many other Webmob members and Webmob doctors indirectly helping this cause, the Webmob Godfathers' could never achieve their ultimate goal.  Wake up America!  It is "WE, not ME!"  We can not have humanity or God and serve Man as Devil, aka the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia, which is the underworld attempting to manipulate and control mankind.

I also learned that the Webmob Godfathers need photos of their victims.  Many times I had the "sense" that someone was following me or maybe took a picture from behind.  When I stopped and the person passed I expected the person to turn around and take my picture, though many times I can turn before the shot is completed.  I am concerned about people placing their photos or family photos on the computer, even if the internet is never installed on that computer.  This is because I had experiences when I never installed the internet.  My personal photos and documents were stolen and found within unknown files, within files, within files, within files and deeper.  Just remember that the lower Webmob members used in the set ups do not know what you look like.  Also, although I am not able to delete the strategist Webmob bosses or Webmob Godfathers these lower members who execute the set ups to harm me, can be deleted.  When I am followed, I learned to turn around or stop and follow the person who I sense will turn around either to take my picture or to follow me.  When the person turns around, I have my camera or cell phone camera held out in front of me and snap the picture of the person who turns back around and toward me.  This eliminates this particular lower Webmob member.  However, like a virus, the Webmob soon learns of my techniques and will modify their orders accordingly so as not to delete so very many of their lower members which are used against me for whatever reason.  My point here is to inform the innocent victims to, please, avoid placing their photos on their computers.  The Webmob must have or get photos of you in order to complete their set ups!  Other methods of eliminating lower Webmob members is to confront them personally in any friendly way so that they know you will personally remember them.   These same lower Webmob members will likely never be used again in attempts to help execute the Webmob set ups to harm me.

When the victim experiences heart pains due to stress and anxiety and the mortstare with feeling of alienation from society, the victim likely turns to a doctor.  After evidense is in the medical record of the victim that there is some heart pain, the Webmob Godfathers may order the electric attack, a kind of a psychic attack.  Regarding my recollection of my experiences, this psychic attack only occured in my family's rental apartment.  But it makes sense to me that this electric psychic heart attack could occur any place the victim establishes as any kind of pattern, whether it be a bus stop, a coffee shop, a work place or a specific street the victim walks, or a health club a victim frequents.  Say you made a reservation for a hotel on the internet and this is confirmed by an email sent to you; even this is a possible place the victim can be attacked, assuming the skilled Webmob members can be available at that time without causing conflict between the responsibilities of different Webmob bosses and members in different locations or different states.

Court cases created as set ups against victim to enable a Webmob set up to kill the victim violently and or publicly.

Stabbing chest psychic attacks

AI. Introduction to the Webmob

AI.  Introduction to the Webmob
06/2008 The Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA. The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia

IA.  The Building Blocks of the Real Estate Godfathers' Webmob Masquerade Mafia
The Webmob Godfathers Prepare for Court Before they Commit their Crimes

The Gateway to Rebirth

The Gateway to Rebirth
Love, Light, Unite!

The Messenger

The Messenger
Love, Light, Unite!

V. A Promise to America

V.  A Promise to America
WE not me!

Va. A Promise to America

Va.  A Promise to America
WE not me!

Vb. A Promise to America

Vb.  A Promise to America
WE not me!